AoE4 Mali Build Order Information


This page explains the civilizational characteristics of Mali and the operation procedure (order) by operation.

Features of AoE4 Mali

  • Degree of difficulty:★★★
  • 1235 – 1670 AD
  • There are landmarks with a dancing effect, such as the Sioux of AoE3. Golden Economy, Infantry, Cattle
  • Gold can be taken automatically and infinitely!
  • A new genre of soldiers called Scarmiser
  • No heavy infantry
  • Units with stealth skills and landmarks that make the surroundings stealthy

Introducing Mali

AOE4 Mali


Mali focuses on powerful economic activities that earn and spend money, preferring strategic hit-and-run tactics with its own infantry units over protracted military combat.

In Age of Empires IV, the civilization of the Malians spanned several years, from the pre-empire Malian Empire in the 11th century AD to the early 16th century AD. Uniting from a collection of independent kingdoms, the Malian civilization became one of the most influential West African empires in history and one of the wealthiest trading nations in history.

Play Mali on AoE4

The civilization of the Malians is harnessing their influence and economic power to empower their civilization on the road to victory.

They can build open-pit mines on top of gold deposits to automatically generate a steady flow of gold over time and invest that gold in their own cattle food sources.

Through military units, the Malians are committed to those who seek gameplay focused on ambush and runaway style combat, and avoid fighting for as long as possible due to the lack of heavy armor.

Overview of Units in Mali

Musofadi Warrior

The warriors of Musofadi are female warriors who excel at ambush and stealth tactics.

Their low health and armor are offset by their high speed and damage, supporting ambush-style combat with a runaway.


The Javelin Thrower is a skilled squamisher that replaces the Malian crossbowman.

As an excellent counter to ranged units, they deal bonus damage and have additional range when compared to archers.


Dong-so is a Marian anti-cavalry hunter warrior who rushes into battle with a spear and shield.

It is also equipped with a javelin that allows for ranged combat, and can be automatically thrown at targets outside of close quarters combat.

Malians timeless

Age I

Thanks to the open-pit mines in Age 1, the Malians improved their early economy and research. By taking advantage of the early gold generations, you can get more technology faster than other civilizations. A powerful and unique unit, the Donso will help you dodge the early threats that the Malians may face as they explore the unknown world.

Age II

In Age 2, the Malians can expand their trade routes with new toll outposts. This will generate additional gold for you to pass through the caravan. Musofadi warriors become available and the Malians offer a new means to raid enemies early while expanding their empire.

Age III.

In Age 3, you can use accelerated resources to start producing large numbers of units through the Gold Barracks landmarks. This will provide timely reinforcements to expand raids and ambushes of the runaways. With the expansion of the technology of the couch jockey, archer, and dongseo, there are even more tools to put pressure on the enemy. In the case of Archer, a unique upgrade of the poison arrow will be available, and over time the arrow will begin to deal additional damage.

Age IV.

In Age 4, Malians can start creating global buffs through the Griot Bara landmark. This gives the player various options to strengthen the economy, add firepower to the siege, or increase military production to attack the enemy from all directions. Musofadi Gunner also joins the fray, giving the Malians another deadly force to exploit stealth. Due to its unique ability, it can activate stealth for a short period of time, even outside of the Stealth Forest.

AoE4 Mali Details

Malian Civilization Bonus

Mali’s economy blossoms with the production of gold and food. Build open-pit mines in golden deposits and produce unique infantry units that can ambush from the invisible or attack with throwing spears.

Open pit mines

Exercise a superior golden economy and build open-pit mines on top of the gold veins of the Dark Ages(I) to produce gold without depletion. The people of the city can mine gold while operating in the open-pit mines.
If gold veins are completely depleted, open-pit mines will continue to mine deposits or gold.

Impact – Mining Communities

For each house or mine within the sphere of influence of the open-pit mine, the calculated gold is increased.

Cattle and Ranches

Produce cows from flour mills in the Dark Ages (I). Cattle can be produced so that the townspeople can harvest them immediately for food, or they can be stationed on indigenous cattle ranches that produce food over time.

Musofadi’s scouts

The unique units of the Musofadi Warriors and the Musofadi Musketeers can use their invisible abilities to sneak in and create opportunities for surprise attacks.

Checkpoint Outpost

Merchants and trading ships passing through the checkpoint outpost will offer instant gold bonuses based on the amount of gold they are carrying.

Manuscript buying and selling

The gold gained from completed trade routes will reduce the time spent researching future technologies.

Local waters

When you come near the port, the movement speed of all ships increases.

Unique Units

  • Dong-seo: A unit that turns into a spearman. A light melee infantry with high health, melee armor and regular throwing spears.
  • Combat Scouts: Light cavalry that improve damage, movement speed, health, and health restoration.
  • Musofadi Warrior: A fast and lightweight anti-armored infantry that can use the ability to “enable invisibility".
  • Spear Thrower: An anti-shooting infantry who attacks with a throwing spear from a distance.
  • Sofa: high-speed heavy cavalry with reduced cost, large quantity and armor.
  • Musofadi Musketeers: Fast-moving gunners who can use the ability to “enable invisibility".

Mali’s Evolutionary Landmarks

Ⅰ→ⅡSahara Trade NetworkMeat 400 Gold 200 3 min 10 secIt serves as a checkpoint outpost with gaps.
When you collect taxes from merchants and trading ships, you produce as much food as the gold you collect. Other checkpoint outposts calculate 50% of the gold food collected as well.
Mansa QuarryMeat 400 Gold 200 3 min 10 sec75 gold is brought in every minute. You can switch your produce to stone.
Ⅱ→ⅢThe Great Enclosure of the FulaniMeat 1200 Gold 600 3 min 40 secNearby cows provide 20 meals per minute.
Farimba GarrisonMeat 1200 Gold 600 3 min 40 secQuickly calculate the units of the Warrior Training Center and the Archery Training Camp 5 at a time. Unit costs are converted to gold and reduced by -20%.
Ⅲ→ⅣFort of HuntressMeat 2400 Gold 1200 4 min. 10 sec.Acts as a tower. Infantry units near historic buildings become invisible for 10 seconds.
The Musofadi warriors and the Musofadi musketeers make a preemptive strike, inflicting further damage when they break the invisible state with an attack.
Rose drums of the gliauxMeat 2400 Gold 1200 4 min. 10 sec.Start the festival with the Golden 300 and improve your food final rate, military production speed, or torch or siege damage overall. You can activate one festival at a time.
Ethnic SymbolsThe Great Mosque6000 each 10 minutes 0 secondsLet’s defend the symbols of our nation and make victory a certainty. Other civilizations that have noticed the symbol of the nation should try to destroy it somehow.
Landmarks in Mali

Survey data

Open-pit mine efficiency

Data on 2022/11/4.

  • +1 open-pit mines are built over time, but their efficiency does not change with evolution.
  • There are 8 houses built around a small gold mine and 12 houses built around a large mine.
  • The efficiency of building around a house or a mine does not change. So the cost of wood is better for the house.
  • Open-pit mines are built on top of the gold that has been dug up later, so if they are destroyed or if there is room to spare, it is effective to rebuild the gold mine from small to large.
  • Gold mining is not very fast, so it seems better to build according to the population than to invest in house trees upfront when there is no need for population costs.
eraMain Body + House Bonus = Gold Efficiency
Era I1 property 30 gold/min + 8 houses (for small gold mines) 60 gold/min = 90 gold/min 7.5 gold/min
per house (cost Thu 150 + 200 = 250)
Era II2 properties 90 gold/min + 16 houses (for small gold mines) = 180 gold/min 
Age III.3 properties 90 gold/min + 28 houses (for gold mines) = 300 gold/min
Age IV.4 buildings 120 gold/min + 40 houses (for gold mines) = 420 gold/min

Efficiency of the Flanian enclosure (landmark)

Data on 2022/11/4.

  • One cow around the Fulani pen produces +20 meat/min.
  • Cattle in the state of meat by townspeople are not counted, so it is better to put them in the ranch obediently.
  • Each cow placed on the ranch produces 28 meat/min without the Fulani enclosure.
  • Up to 20 cows can be produced regardless of the age.
  • You need 7 ranches, so be careful not to build more
  • Max, 960 meat/min
  • Since cattle do not eat the cost of population, the number of farmers can be saved.

Effects of the Fort of Huntress (Landmark)

  • Make the army that enters nearby invisible for 10 seconds.
  • Siege weapons become invisible.
  • If a Musopdi Warrior or Musophadi Musketeer strikes first from invisibility, only one blow will receive bonus damage.
  • Musopdi Warrior +24 (3x)
  • Musketeer Musketeer +38 (2x)
  • The torch fire also doubles to 20.
  • Even if you enable your own invisibility outside the range of the Huntress Fort, it will have the effect of increasing your attack power, so you can actually build it anywhere.


Mari doesn’t have a crossbow, but if you research poisoned arrows, you will be able to damage even heavy soldiers with archers by ignoring their defense, so if your opponent comes out with Musofadi’s anti or you don’t want to be shot, it’s Ali to mix the bow.

AoE4 Mali Order List

Season III Team Ranked Battles are playing in Mali!

The spearman Dong-so is a little stronger than the spearman in close proximity, and if the soldier is also greatly superior in number, he will not be able to fight.

On the other hand, when dealing with Mali, if Mali is a mixed class, it is often the case that the army alone is outnumbered.
But. Musofadi is very cheap at 50 gold and 30 meat meat, so it is troublesome when Musofadi alone builds a large number of warrior training centers.
The Mussofadi Warrior doubled the attack power of anti-hoplites in Era II, and almost doubled at 14+12 in III.
It’s cheap, trains as fast as 11 seconds, and springs up endlessly, so it becomes difficult for soldiers and knights. Get a bow, a rider, or a gun. Since it is lightly dressed, a camel bow is also good.
In the case of Rome against the Mussofadi warriors, Landsknecht is overwhelmingly strong, not the soldiers.

Also, instead of being cheap, the house is quite fragile, and I can burn it even in Scout 3, so I want to destroy the house around the money relentlessly.
Open-pit mines are +1’d each era, so be sure to know the location of all open-pit mines.

General-purpose land order

Era I

Started serial production of people in the city. The scouts hunted for sheep.
As soon as it started, one of the people in the city built an open-pit mine. The rest is one round trip of trees, save two trees for the house, build a house, and go to the sheep. Leave alone in the tree. The house will be expanded as soon as the trees accumulate.
The people of the production town turned to sheep.

The house is cheap and covers the population 5, so the cost is no different from a normal house.
Since there will eventually be four open-pit mines, it will be necessary to build many necessary houses around them.

Evolution usually seems to take the mansa quarry.
You only need to take the Sahara trade network if you need an outpost urgently, such as when it’s a little drenched, such as 4 vs 4, or when you need an outpost urgently, such as on a new map where the enemy is very close.

Era II

I want to prevent house division and vandalism in Dong-so, so I want to build a warrior training center as soon as possible.

The dongso of the warrior hut and the spearmen of the archery training center are excellent as counter units, and although they are weaker, they can also put out heavy cavalry at the cavalry training center from II, so it is easy to deal with vandalism, and it is easy to aim for 2TC (the second house in the center of the city).
Building a house around an open-pit mine is very easy to be destroyed, so if you can send a few soldiers, cut the tree and get a view at the outpost etc.

Musofadi warriors are cheap, fast to train, and can be used stealth to troll, but beware of low HP.
It is useless unless the opponent is a country where there are soldiers and knights in 2.

One open-pit mine can be built for each evolution, so build it as soon as possible.

If you can prevent it by more than 2 TCs, Evolution chooses a large enclosure of the Fulani tribe, builds a ranch around it, and uses the surplus money to put in cattle from time to time to get food.

Age III.

An open-pit mine was added.
The combination of dong-so + throwing spearmen usually manages to get by, but this configuration is weak only for military soldiers.
If you read it and the opponent comes to you as a soldier, build an infantry training center about 1.5 ~ 2 times the feeling of playing a normal country with a rabbit and mass-produce a musofadi single. It’s very cheap, so if you push around in this configuration, you should be able to push it off before your opponent can change the class and deal with it.
For the time being, the Musofadi warrior is cheaper than the spear and the throwing spear.

Musofadi doesn’t have any bonuses other than heavy equipment, so it’s a good idea to mix a few archers who can use the poison arrow upgrade from III. Spear for knighthood.

Iv. Evolution, if you’ve been doing AoE3, go with Guglio’s Rose Drums. It’s a building that can activate skills that can increase meat collection speed, army production speed, and siege power for a short time every certain time, so number it and press it when you are about to come.
In particular, the siege power is doubled, so do not forget to push it at the time of siege.

Age IV.

Research in progress