AoE4 Mongolia Cheats & Orders Information


This page explains the characteristics of Mongolian civilization and the operation procedures (orders) by operation.

Features of AoE4 Mongolia

  • Degree of difficulty: ★ ★ ★
  • You can't build walls and castles. Anyway vandalize from 2 before the wall is built!
  • Hahn and Mangudai auto shoot while running!
  • Trade and the Obo effect actually make domestic politics strong
  • No need for a house! For those who liked Sue Lakota at AoE3DE

Mongolia 7 Hours Play Video

Mongolia hard. In the second half, it finally became like that.

Play AoE4 Mongolia

Mongolia is an agile civilization with excellent hit-and-away military strategies and can rapidly expand its army.

The Mongol civilization of Age of Empires IV is highly capable in hit-and-away strategies, thanks to its extraordinary mobility and nomadic nature, which originated in the steppe regions of Central Asia. You will witness Mongolia from 1000 to 1500 AD as a disciplined civilization recognized for the change in history that connects East and West.

In Era IV, the Mongols are known for their distinctive structure and are most powerful when they play to their strengths in tight groups. They speak Mongolian — the most widely spoken of Mongolia.

Play Mongolia

Mongolian civilization is a terrible force. Due to their high mobility, they may not be able to meet them in large numbers, but even in small numbers, their army can easily defeat the enemy. Their aggressive military production capability forces them to defend their enemies early.

Mongolia is a nomadic civilization with the ability to move bases. Coupled with early access to cavalry and the speed given by the outpost, the Mongols reign supremely by flanking the enemy and quickly retreating before the enemy can catch up.

They are building their economy with unique buildings like Obo mining stones. The need for resources for the Mongols for an army can provoke a dramatic battle over resources when they pursue complete domination

Mongolian unit at a glance



The Khan is a unique horse archer unit. His signal arrow ability supports and strengthens the Mongol army and makes him a formidable enemy.



Mangudai is the star of Mongolia's formidable army and the best horse archer with excellent hit-and-run tactics.

Mongolia timeless

Era I

At the dawn of the Battle of Era I, the Mongols begin with some unique buildings to grow a nomadic nation. Despite the lack of access to farms and walls, the Obo and Ger, Mongolia's unique buildings, offer a decisive advantage in this early period.

Era II

Era 2 brings a new era to the growing Mongol civilization. They have access to a meadow, a unique building that replaces the farm. One of the landmarks that can be advanced from Era I, the Silver Tree landmark brings special economic advantages to Mongolia. It acts as a market to build traders faster and cheaper.

Age III.

By the time of the 3rd century, the Mongol civilization was thriving. The Steppe Redoubt landmark serves as a gel that will propel the economy to new heights, increase gold drop-offs, and pour more resources into a rapidly growing military force.

Age IV.

Khanguo Palace is one of the landmarks that will lead you to Era 4, proving that the Mongol civilization was the best army. This distinctive landmark gives rise to the Mangudai, the Knight, or the Knight, bringing the Mongols closer to victory in the last moments of the battle.

Mongol Civilization Bonus

  • The Great Domination
    • You don't have to build a house. Start with the largest population present.
      If you produce more merchants, you will get a bonus on your resources.
  • Holy Obo
    • You can use Obo to obtain precious stones. Villagers cannot collect stones, buy them in the market, or obtain them as tribute. Obo improves unit production and research in buildings that are within the sphere of influence.
  • Khan-kuo-hsien
    • Send the one and only powerful Khan to the battlefield, and use the arrows to bring powerful bonuses to all nearby military units. The initial cavalry is excellent as a raiding force, and all units get bonuses by setting fire to enemy buildings.
  • Civilization Bonus
    • You can set fire to enemy buildings and loot food and +50 gold.
    • Any building can be packed and redeployed in another location (it is written, but Obo is not allowed. When you build a new one, the old one disappears.)
    • Start with the population limit reached. You don't need a house.
    • Early cavalry in the Dark Ages (Era I), early Lancers in the Age of Lords (II).
    • You can use stone to produce two units, or use stone to research improved versions of various technologies.
    • Food, wood, gold, and stone obtained from trading posts with more merchants + 10%.
    • ⁺50% physical strength of transport ships, ⁺15% of movement speed.
  • influence
    • Buildings built within Obaugh's sphere of influence can double unit production or research improved versions of the technology.
  • Unique Units
    • Hearn: Shoot powerful arrows to strengthen nearby soldiers.
    • Mangudai: A mounted archer who can shoot while on the move.

AoE4 Mongolian Evolution Alternatives

Ⅰ→ⅡShikaishiMeat 400 Gold 200The deer stone emits an aura that improves the movement speed of the yum. As soon as it is completed, it brings a technology called "Yum Net" that increases the movement speed of units within range by ⁺15%. (Same as what can be studied in the outpost)
Silver Tree Meat 400 Gold 200 It serves as a market. ⁺50% of merchant production speed, golden cost – 50%.
Ⅱ→ⅢKuriltaiMeat 1200 Gold 600When the Khan is nearby, Kuriltai heals all damaged units in the vicinity, increasing the damage by 25% for 30 seconds.
Prairie Fort Meat 1200 Gold 600 It acts as a gel (a substitute for a logging station, mine or mill). The gold stockpiled in this historic building will be increased by 50%.
Ⅲ→ⅣWhite StupaMeat 2400 Gold 1200It acts as an obo and produces 240 stones every minute even without outcrops (stones).
Palace of Khanate Meat 2400 Gold 1200 Every 90 seconds, it spawns a cavalry corps of cavalrymen, mangudai, and lancers.
Ethnic SymbolsGreat Khan Monument4000 each, no stones requiredLet's defend the symbols of our nation and make victory a certainty. Other civilizations that have noticed the national symbol should try to destroy it somehow.
Mongolian Evolution Table

Game start state


The Town Center is packed, so move close to the resources and build a Center right away.
Starting with Season 2 PATCH 20249, gel has also been added to the initial state.

Effects of Obo

Immediate Obo
  • The unit production button of the adjacent 9 squares uses stone, but the "x2" button is increased.
  • Obo itself allows for research specific to Mongolia.
    • In the beginning, it is a good idea to do research on the speed of movement of the packing and the increase in resource bonuses when a building is set on fire.
  • When an ironworks is built adjacent to each other, there are four more studies unique to the ironworks. : Allows infantry to build springards, trebuchets, and towed throwaway trebuchets. Etc. At 4, the number of research equivalent to university at the Iron Works increases, but it is recommended to do research to extend the status of the unit first because the research specific research is better.
  • Building an adjacent archery training center will increase the number of unique research buttons in times 3 or 4 (unconfirmed) to enhance the attack power of Mangudai and Khan.
  • If you study a monastery in a prayer tent (a building that produces priests called sorcerers), although it is not an obbo, the prayer tent will have an obo effect on the surrounding buildings.
  • In the period IV, the research on most buildings increased further, "〇〇改".
    However, be aware that if you are doing research on the original ○○, there is a condition that you can not do it.
    Don't forget that gels that are not normally built around the obo are effective from the beginning!!!!

AoE4 Mongolia Order Information

Season 4 Dark Rush Order [チーム戦向け]

Era 1

Hahn gets the initial sheep 3, moves to the center, and presses the Q key to dash towards the enemy line. While picking up the sheep, check the position of the gold, return home, and return to the enemy camp again. When the sheep are cut off, the farmers' production stops, so don't stay too long.

Start Farmer Alone Obo Construction → Tree

Move the center of the city to the tree (gold> so that the meat is closer. )

If it didn't get to gold, move the gel to gold.

Start farmers and others immediately direct to the trees that will move the center of the city.

Productive farmers should not stop thereafter. Sheep.

When 150 trees accumulate, one or two people build a breeding center.

Mongolia is the only country where two types of breeding centers are built in the Dark Age, so they branch out below.

  • If the enemy is Rome or France: Attack the spear tower rush to the initial gold mine.
  • If the enemy is Mongol Ottoman: Choose a spear because your opponent also has a dark spear.
  • In England: The spear loses to the peasant bow, so the mounted soldier is safe. You also lose if you don't accumulate up to 4 cavalrymen.
  • For Mali: Trade evolution is high, so choose a mounted soldier to sabotage landmark construction or destroy houses
  • Other than that: Choose the one that seems to work well with either.

In the case of Tower Rush, one person is sent out of sight of the center outside the opponent's gold mine, and
the tree farmer is stored without moving until 100 trees are accumulated. If it accumulates, leave it alone in the tree and go to the meat.
Otherwise, immediately leave alone on the tree and go to the meat.

Cavalry soldiers, spears, both 120 stones and 80 stones, should be used to make 2 people each, up to 4 people.
In the case of Tower Rush, you can put it in the outpost built in the gold mine and shoot the bow, and in the case of the Cavalry Rush, you can disturb the gold diggers,
so try not to do as much as possible.
If there are any buildings outside TC shot, such as the mine, the Mali house, the Obo and the Aachen Chapel, they will be burned.

At the same time, if you can get 4 soldiers, you can assign 3 to gold and evolve with the trade landmark Silver Tree.
Unless there are no Mongol measures and gold is suppressed before evolution, it will evolve slower than the opponent, so build a landmark with 5 people with a lot of feelings, and during evolution, 4 meat, 3 gold,
the rest and
production farmers are trees.

Era 2

Kim remains three.

Merchants who create from silver wood are as cheap as 30 gold and 60 wood.

Move the silver tree to the opposite side of the natural trading post and number it, and from then on, if there is more than 30 gold, make a merchant in the mame.

In order to become a counter army of opponents, add a training center and continue to troll your own merchants to reduce the leeway for trolls.

In the meantime, by gradually building outposts on your camp and trade routes, you can increase the movement speed of merchants and cavalrymen, mangudai, and khan in Age II.

If an ally joins the offensive in an advantageous state, study with the battering ram attack in mind.
In the case of a boom in allies, it is very difficult to have a two-on-one mixed troop type, so I think it would be better to prioritize the addition of outposts to the 2nd gold mine, deer and strawberries, and the addition of troops so that the front line is not broken through with a battering ram.

If you hunt wild boars on the map in groups of eight villagers, your food will be stable for a long time.

If you prolong the battle in Era 2, you will eventually accumulate trade money, so you will make adjustments such as buying meat and go to Era III.
Kuriltai evolution.

Era 3

Kuriltai heals + increases attack power, so send it to the front line immediately.

At the ironworks around Oboh, I am conducting research on how infantry can make stone throwers, long throwers, and springards.

In Era III, trade trolls by opposing knights are often intense, so it is difficult to cover everything with a spear.
It is easier to build as many cavalry huts as you can for the time being without thinking about anti-opposition, and make this the main knight.
Within the outpost's Yam network range, it moves faster than the opposing knight.
Anyway, add trade, and the gold you get from trade should solve everything.

If you have allies who are exhausted defending your trade, give them extra money.

If you are biased towards money, you can buy meat and evolve.
The forts of the Khanate State, which have come to produce various armies such as the ultra-long-range circular cannon and the Chinese Ichika cannon, are strong, but with the evolution of the white pagoda around the initial TC, it tends to be more stable because stones accumulate around it and the outpost cannon is easier to do.

Era 4

University research at an ironworks. If trade is circulating, knights, guns, cannons, stone throwers, etc. are easy to turn.
Build more and more cannon-equipped outposts around your TC and on the land you have stolen to control the map!

Season 2 Generic Order

* During Season 2 of Age of Empire IV, one gel was added in the update at the start of Mongolia.

Mongols can pack and move buildings other than outposts and ethnic symbols.
This is packed with the T key and built with the T key, so keep this in mind when doing Mongolia.
When packing and building multiple breeding centers, you can pack them all with the full selection →T, → do not remove the selection as it is, but T and click the position to build repeatedly.

Era 1

Immediately starting the city, the center of the city was built adjacent to the gold→ and the continuous creation of people in the city began to → sheep.

One of the early peasants built Obo → made an action reservation to the sheep.

The remaining five people get only one round trip to the nearest tree, accumulate 50 trees, and move to gold.

Hahn carried the early sheep to the center of the city, then made a pact around and re-anchored the sheep to the center. Then search for enemy territory.

If the gold digger makes one round trip, the wheelbarrow can be studied with gel, so push it at the fastest.

The money will be left for three and two for the sheep.

Aim for evolution.

Unless you're guarding an allied wall and boosting your trade, you're basically evolving in the Kaishi Landmark.

During and after evolution, leave 4 meat and take more wood until 150 trees for the nursery.

* If there is an ancient spire or nagari and there is a sea near the back, it is faster to use the initial gel to catch fish than all other meats.

Era 2

The Mongol Yam network increases the speed of movement of soldiers within the outpost range,
but it is only effective for knights and merchants if it is not studied in the outpost of Age 3.
Kaishi has already studied this from the beginning, and the movement speed of other soldiers and people in the city increases, which increases the speed of the Mongols' response.
The fact that outposts are erected in various places is very important for Mongolia not only because of visibility, but also because it has the effect of speeding up the movement of troops.

Mongolia is strong whether they attack with 2 or 3. I want to leave as many stones as possible to attack with 3.
While squeezing the gold, stones, and trees around the center of the opponent's city with outposts + soldiers, delay the opponent's entry into 3, buy time, and aim for Era 3.

Landmarks build prairie forts next to the initial gold.

Era 3

Mass-produce full knights using stones from the Knight Training Center.
Also, if you don't collect trees to build a second one in the center of the city, you tend to be poor.

4 Evolution produces infinite stones in the castle stupa.

Era 4

Land General-Purpose Order

Era I

  • Build an obo on the stone. It automatically collects stones.
  • Build a town center next to it. The Obo perimeter effect allows you to use stones to produce villagers x2.
    II. You can press about 3 times before the evolution is completed.
  • While gathering sheep in the hearn, the townspeople are meat.
  • There are not enough trees to build a building like a logging station, so if there is a tree nearby, cut it,
  • If it is too far, give up and let them walk up to 200 gold.

II. Evolution is recommended for trade evolution if it is a map that can be traded.
After building it on its own side, it can be packed, moved to a place favorable to trade, and rebuilt.

Era II

Bow training center around Obau. Produced Mangudai. With the Obo effect, you can also produce x2 if you use stones.

Join Khan and Mangudai and vandalize them.
If you are about to be chased by a mounted soldier or a bow, use Khan's skills to speed up your legs and leave.
Other than a bow, you can kill them with a single pull, so you hunt farmers and soldiers.
In the case of a knight, it takes a long time to defeat it, so it is better to build a soldier training center and put out a spear.
If the opponent does not deal with the outpost etc., you can continue to hunt as it is, but if the cost is heavy and you are caught up, you will die instantly, so keep an eye on it for a moment. This may be the difficult part of Mongolia first.

In Mongolia, if you set fire to a building with infantry, close cavalry, etc., you can loot gold, so if you are also sending out infantry, let's actively aim at buildings where the central arrow can not reach.

Since there is a trade bonus, it is fixed for now to trade from II.

If you can hunt the villagers to a certain extent, aim for III.
3 Evolution is a prairie fort. At the end of the day, the stones will not be depleted. Build it in a place where you gather resources, or build it on your own side and pack and send it.

Age III.

An ironworks will be built adjacent to Obo and the infantry will conduct unique research that will allow them to produce siege weapons such as catapults.

If you are attacking with a mangudai spear configuration, the opponent will likely have more bows, so try to kick it with a trebuchet.

4 Evolution is a white stupa.

Age IV.

There are studies that allow prayer tents to replace Obau, so it is a good idea to build them around the nursery or near your own ranch.
If each building is built around the obo area, the research of "〇〇改" will increase, so if you do this, you will strengthen domestic affairs and the military more than usual.

Eject artillery cannons that cannot be made by infantry from the siege weapons workshop.

Dark Cavalry Rush Order

The Mongols can make cavalry from the age of 1, so they are a strategy to break the heart by thoroughly vandalizing from I.

Obo Archery Infantry Rush

Current AoE4 meta strategy.
Using Obbo's X2 production, Demon Rush sets up the fastest archer rush of all civilizations and also adds a battering mallet.

There is no battering ram from the mangudai, but it can be produced from archers, so if you eat it, you will feel lukewarm such as vandalism of the mangudai.