AoE4 China Build Order List


This page explains the characteristics of Chinese civilization and the operation procedures (orders) by operation.

AoE4 Chinese Characteristics

  • Degree of difficulty:
  • Two-axis evolution complicates orders
  • Starting around the week of November 20, 2021, the team was able to defend the early stages and the strategy of crushing only landmarks with hordes of fire lancers was raging.
  • People who get serious when they are supervised by officials
  • Season 2 Update Changes Landmarks to Completely Different Objects
  • Rocket artillery is flashy

China in Age of Empires 4

I tried using China.

China is characterized by two lines of period evolution.
Normal evolution can be done by selecting and constructing two landmarks as usual, but the landmark of the person who did not choose after evolution can also be built later (the cost is the same as evolution), and when it is finished,
the era of the dynasty will also evolve.
Even in the Tang → Song Dynasty→ Yuan → Ming
Normal Era Evolution, ordinary troops and buildings common to other countries will be available, but as the dynastic era progresses,
it will be possible to train buildings and soldiers unique to the dynasty!
So, there is a choice between advancing the dynasty or advancing the era normally, and it seems that you can take a flexible tactic.

Features of AOE4 China

Chinese civilization is a symbol of one nation, the strength of gunpowder, and the dynastic system, etc., but it offers unique and diverse advantages to overcome its opponents.

The Chinese civilization of Age of Empires IV is a prosperous and unique civilization that grew through dynastic regimes from 907 to 1644 AD. They are powerful defenders behind formidable fortresses.

China’s technological prowess dominated the world for centuries. This is a feature present in Age of Empires IVYou’re alive throughout history as Chinese culture, strength, and innovation create ripples across the Eurasian continent, growing empires as they pass through the vibrant Tang, Song, Yuan, and Ming dynasties. Your unit speaks Mandarin, a Chinese language originating in North China.

AoE4 official website has been translated into Japanese

In gunpowder pushing China, the gun unit +20% The chemistry of the research is done automatically, so the musketeers are strong, and the unique units also have grenadiers. The siege weapon is also quite strong because there is a tall bee that can fire rockets continuously.

Chinese Gameplay

At the dawn of their civilization, the Chinese got off to a lucrative start with additional villagers. This lays the foundation for a robust economy and fuels the need for a great and vast civilization.

Urban planning is an important growth strategy. A special feature of Chinese civilization is the dynastic system, which has several benefits when triggered, such as unit bonuses and access to unique buildings. This provides some routes of strategies and methods to take advantage of all that Chinese civilization has to offer.

The military power of the Chinese lies in their powerful gunpowder forces. They have access to multiple unique artillery units, so they become a fierce civilization to counter in combat.

AoE4 official website has been translated into Japanese

China has six more farmers in the early days than other countries.
As you advance through the dynasty, you can create Zhu Yu soldiers in the Song, fire lancers in the Yuan, and Grenadiers in the Ming. There are more buildings that can be built, and there are also passive bonuses for each dynasty.

Chinese Units

Officials of the Empire

Imperial officials produce from town centers and collect gold from nearby buildings.

Money is saved in the building in time, and officials will patrol the building without permission if you leave it as a tax collection auto.

Fire Spear

Yuan Dynasty cavalry equipped with fire spears. 
The defense is paper, but it can be an explosion range attack by charge, and it is a strong cavalry on buildings.



A powerful siege weapon that fires a large number of rocket arrows in the area.
Because it is range damage, it can not be killed with a single blow alone, but it becomes quite powerful when multiple accumulates.



The building gradually stockpiles gold, and when there are officials, they collect it and go around.
There are other unique units, so China is likely to have a lot to learn.
I don't know the name of the Japanese of Nest of Bees, but it seems that a weapon that can fly a spear with a rocket already existed in China. I found a video.

nest of bee

Evolution of China

Era I

The heart of the city in China

In Age I, the imperial authorities of Chinese civilization immediately begin to work to contribute to a healthy gold economy. As civilization begins to build the bricks needed to transition to a dynasty, it is important to ensure that tax collection is working to the fullest.

Era II

Imperial Academy

One of the landmarks of the Age I, the Imperial Academy of Era II promotes attention to the growing basic layout of Chinese civilization. This landmark will affect nearby buildings and generate additional tax revenue.

Age III.

Imperial palace

The Imperial Palace is one of the landmarks that will bring you to Era III, and it is possible for Chinese civilization to spy on your opponents to see what they are up to. Its considerable vision gives the Chinese a keen advantage, giving them the ability to look out over mountains and stealth forests to find enemy villagers.

Age IV.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall is a great treasure of Chinese civilization and a powerful defensive structure. Landmarks built on stone walls to enhance the HP of the wall and damage of nearby units, is one of the options that will take you to the final era.


Chinese Village

Dynasties are a unique feature of Chinese civilization. Chinese villagers can buildsymbols of both ethnicitiesfrom a single era. Doing so will trigger dynasties with unique bonuses, buildings, and units.

Dynasty nameabilityDescription
Tang DynastyexplorationA visibility bonus that boosts exploration activities.
Scout visibility +30%
Song DynastyPopulation boomAccess to unique village buildings and troop units, and reduced village production time. 
Production time of the people of the city -35%
Training of the Hundred and Gentlemen, construction of villages (one project covering a population of 40) is available
Yuan DynastyMeat boomUnique granary buildings and Fire Lancer units gain access and increase unit movement speed.
City People, Officers, and Military Units +15%
Fire Lancers, Granaries (Increases Efficiency in Nearby Fields) are available.
Ming DynastyMilitary AdvantageAccess to unique tower buildings and grenadier units, and HP bonuses to military units. 
Military unit health + 10%
Grenadier and Pagota (50 of each resource are generated every 30 seconds when you include the Holy Relic, and tax revenue is also possible).
Chinese dynastic effect

Perhaps coupled with the high number of early peasants, the dynasty bonus is more like a boom.
The Zhu Guards are strong against lightly armored cavalry and spearmen.

AoE4 Chinese Civilization Bonus

  • China’s focus has changed with the times, sending out a variety of unique units and buildings one after another. If you turn against them, you will need to continue to respond without delay so that you do not go to China.
  • Great Dynasty
    • Start in the Tang Dynasty (⁺30% of the scout’s view, access to the village)
    • If you build both historical buildings in a certain era, you will move into a new dynasty with its own twists and buildings, and special bonuses.
    • Song Dynasty: Villagers are able to produce at a rate of 35%, granaries and warriors are unlocked.
    • Former Dynasty: Movement speed of villagers, officials, and military units +15%. Pagodas and Fire Lancers are unlocked.
    • Ming Dynasty: ⁺10% health of military units, Grenadiers are unlocked.
  • Penetration work
    • Increases the construction speed of villagers by 50% for defensive structures and 100% for all other buildings.
    • The working speed of the port is increased by 20%.
  • Gunpowder Master
    • As we evolve into the Age of the Emperors (the Fourth Age), “chemistry" technology comes at no cost.
    • In defensive buildings, gun eyes are used instead of gaps.
    • Tax
    • The units you train, the technologies you research, and the resources you stockpile generate gold as taxes that can be collected by Imperial officials.
    • influence
    • Building military and economic facilities within the sphere of influence of the Imperial Academy, a historic landmark, increases the resources stockpiled by the villagers by 20%.
  • Unique Units
    • Moroku Bowman: A bowman with the ability to fire continuously. Valid for lightly armed units.
    • Court Guards: Close combat infantry that replaces military personnel with improved armor instead of losing movement speed.
    • Fire Lancers: Light cavalry effective against siege weapons and buildings. It has a wide field of view and can charge attacks with explosives.
    • Grenadiers: Throw grenades that inflict extensive damage.
    • Ichikō Bee: Fire rockets salvos and deals extensive damage.
  • Civilization Bonus
    • Townsfolk defense construction speed +50%, other buildings construction speed +100%.
    • By building both historic buildings from a certain era, you enter a new dynasty and get special bonuses.
    • When the Age of the Emperor (the Fourth Age) is reached, “chemical" technology is brought in free of charge.
    • Port working speed +20%.

AoE4 China’s Era Evolution Landmark

Ⅰ→ⅡKanrin-in (Former: Imperial Academy)Meat 400 Gold 200Tax revenue from nearby buildings (gold) + 100%
research is possible. The gold that officials can carry is 40→80
Tower of the Sun GateMeat 400 Gold 200Fire small cannons with long range. In addition, granulation increases the gap between the straits. You can see through the invisible forest.
You can add bows from Season 2!
Ⅱ→ⅢEmperor’s PalaceMeat 1200 Gold 600It has a wide field of view. When you use it, for 10 seconds, the location of the person in the enemy city will be revealed.
Water Observatory (Former: Astronomical Clock Tower)Meat 1200 Gold 600It serves as a siege weapons workshop. +50% health of the siege weapon produced. (You can tell by the “clock tower" in front of the name.)
Ⅲ→ⅣGreat Wall Guan (formerly: Guard post of the Great Wall)Meat 2400 Gold 1200It can only be built on stone walls.
Comes with a high bee base and brings ⁺25% shooting damage to all units on the wall.
Emperor’s Mausoleum (Former: Way of the Soul)Meat 2400 Gold 1200Here you can study dynasty-related technologies at -50% cost and ⁺100% research speed.
When a dynasty unit is killed, it will siege 20% of its attack speed and health 20 (10 seconds) of units near it.
Ethnic Symbols6,000 of each of the total resource species
China’s Evolutionary Landmark

AOE4 China Orders

Land General-Purpose Order

Dynasties do it when they can afford it, and I feel that it is safe to prioritize normal evolution.

However, since the first Song Dynasty is the same as the 2 evolution, the cost is cheap, and the creation time of the city people is shortened, so it seems good to aim for the dynasty evolution as well if you enter 3 or the center becomes 2 pieces.

As for the Dynasty Soldiers,

  • The Song Dynasty’s Zhu Yu soldiers are light armored soldiers, so they cannot be defeated at all by soldiers and knights.
  • Fire Lancers are Opleachnics in AoE3, i.e. anti-building and siege weapons.
  • Grenadiers are close to musketeers, but twice as many as in buildings

If you don’t make a mistake in these uses, you can get an interesting strategy.
It’s especially good to go around in groups of fire lance cavalry to go around and crush landmarks, TCs, and houses.

Only the training centers around the 4 Evolution Soul Trail will have 3 discounts on the cost of dynasty soldiers, so if you can also put out grenadiers, it seems that you will not lose the cost to guns.

Officials supervise the training center three times faster and collect taxes when free, but if you supervise the resource gathering facility, the accumulation of taxes on the building is 1.2 times faster. Officials shouldn’t be in a state of free time, either!

Land Immediate Solar Closing Boom Order

There is only a narrow path between the enemy and the enemy’s base, an order that can be used on a map that is easy to close with a wall.
In Evolution of Age 2The Tower of the Sun Gate was built by sending the people of the city to a place where it could be closed, and then blocked by a wall, and while defending it with a few archers (spears and cavalrymen when the battering hammer came), the two centers boomed in the Song Dynasty. Aim for 3 with a lot of meat and money.

After entering 3, it was 3 in the center, and if the officer 4 supervised the training center 4, it would be the speed of 12 cases, so he quickly amassed troops and
fought back.

Fire Lance Rush (Team)

Trending strategies from around the third week of November 2021.

Fire Lance Cavalry has a paper defense, but the torchlight attack power is higher than 45, so buildings and siege weapons can be crushed instantly when you become a group, and since the charge is a range attack by explosion, you can immediately melt the peasants and groups of soldiers when the numbers are aligned. If you’re going to fight, hit and away to use explosions as much as possible.
Conversely, in the opponent’s position, a standby spear can stop the charge, and when fighting a fire spearman, avoid being caught in multiple explosions in a staggered formation. However, it is painful that if you can change the target, you can not catch up with the spear.
Fire Lancers cannot attack only stone walls, so it is effective to enclose landmarks and domestic areas with small stone walls.

Era I

Your allies will have a hard time, but you should team up with someone who can rejoice in your team’s victory. At worst, I will defend myself with the intention of falling down one country in 3v3, and aim for the Yuan Dynasty anyway → 2TC → 3TC full boom.
Once in the Yuan Dynasty, they mass-produce only fire lancers and run around in groups to crush enemy landmarks and centers. If the number is aligned, the tower will fall in a few seconds, so it is not scary at all.
Landmarks will end up if you do not defend them to the end, so the opponent cannot ignore the fire spear, and since it is almost impossible for all the opposing countries to be cavalry alone in team battles, you can run around looking for landmarks that you can aim for, and at the same time aim at multiple landmarks in the distance to take away the amount of operation of the opponent, and eliminate landmarks and internal affairs by scraping away at landmarks and domestic political areas.

Building a Soul Path Landmark at 4 lowers the cost of the Dynasty Unit Farms around it, making mass production easier with officials.