AoE4 France Build Order Information


This page explains the characteristics of French civilization and the operation procedure (order) by operation.

Features of AoE4 France

  • Difficulty: ★ ☆☆
  • AoE classic Knight State. From the era II: Evolution landmark, it is possible to train knights stronger than other countries immediately.
  • There are no civilization characteristics that require special operation, so it is also recommended for beginners


France, known for its cavalry, can turn the tide of battle with its formidable armored knightly army and economy.

The French civilization of Age of Empires IV is based on medieval France, which spanned 840-1559 AD and fought from adversity to prosperity. Overcoming aggression, pestilence, and rebellion, France emerged as a powerful modern nation.

Playing French civilization will take you to the era of chivalry and honorable warfare, the darkest times of Joan of Arc and France, the formation of a disciplined standing army that can liberate the country with the roar of artillery fire.

Towns in France

Play France

The strengths of French civilization lie in their formidable knightly armies, gunpowder siege weapons, and advantages in trade. French merchants have their own ability to regain the resources they need. This is a valuable property when resources are scarce.

French cavalry charges can destroy enemy lines and inflict bonus damage that will help with hit-to-blow tactics. French units have access to several upgrades, ranging from special health to defensive bonuses available only to certain French units.

The French army has its own system of influence, with lower cost of units from the archery training and stables around the fort. Their town centres allow units to be produced faster by the times, which is an important advantage in speeding up the economy.

Unique French units at a glance

Royal Night

Royal Night

The Royal Knight is a heavily armored knight of French civilization with a formidable charge ability.



Arbatriers are powerful ranged units and acquire a special ability called Pavise, which is an expandable shield for ranged defense.



The cannon is a French unique mobile artillery siege weapon. Unlike the artillery cannon, the cannon does not need to be packed and unpacked.

Did you know that the weakness of the bow soldiers is the bow?
The fact that Arbatrier has a shield is a characteristic that can cover its weaknesses!

Timeless France

Era I

In Era I, French civilization is building their economy. In this era, economic technology is cheaper, and mining and mills are costly as economic drop-off buildings are mills, and they can start their economy with great advantages.

Era II

Royal Knight is available in Era II. If the Chamber of Commerce was built in Age I, merchants of this era would return additional resources.

Age III.

The Royal Society, one of the landmarks, houses all the unique French techniques and allows you to study them at a low cost in the Age III.

Age IV.

Era IV brings a number of upgrade options for France. The Artillery College is one of the landmarks that will take you to the last days by unlocking gunpowder units that can do additional damage without using chemistry.

French Civilization Bonus

France has a powerful cavalry force and can accelerate production with its fortified strongholds. If you turn against them, you must be prepared to withstand the assault of armored units, including powerful Knights of the Guard.

  • Equestrian combat
    • Bring more powerful weapons and technology to combat with more powerful cavalry.
  • Mainland Economy
    • Economic power will be strengthened by cheaper resource storage facilities, economic technology, and merchants who can operate more flexibly.
  • Front-line production
    • Units trained in the Archery and Cavalry Camps within the tower’s sphere of influence will cost less and you will be able to maintain your offensive.
  • Civilization Bonus
    • The training speed of townspeople and scouts has increased with each era (10%, 15%, 20%, 20%)
    • The cost of economic technology – 30%
    • Timber cost of resource storage facilities – 25%
    • At the beginning of the game, the trading posts are displayed on a mini-map.
    • Merchants can bring any resources back to the market.
    • Free research on melee attack technology.
    • ⁺ 20% gold brought home by trading ships.
  • influence
    • The cost of units produced in archery and cavalry training camps within the tower’s sphere of influence – 20%.
  • Unique Units
    • Knight of the Guard: Get a bonus for 3 seconds after the charge is completed.
    • Arbatrier: Deploy the Great Shield to get 5 anti-fire armor for 30 seconds. (Soldier type unit)
    • Galeas: Large military galleys with long-range firing cannons mounted forward.

AoE4 French Era Evolution Landmark

Ⅰ→ⅡCavalry SchoolMeat 400 Gold 200It serves as a cavalry training center. Production speed of all cavalry training stations +20%.
chamber of commerce Meat 400 Gold 200 It serves as a market. + 30% of the resources that all witnesses and trading ships bring back to the market or port.
Ⅱ→ⅢRoyal SocietyMeat 1200 Gold 600Brings all the unique technology of France. The cost of research here is 20% lower, ignoring the times.
Unions Meat 1200 Gold 600 Over time, resources are produced and saved. The more resources you have saved, the faster your production rate will besiege. Choose between food, wood, stone or gold.
Ⅲ→ⅣRed PalaceMeat 2400 Gold 1200It serves as a tower and has a powerful grand fortifications. Depending on the units stationed there, the number of large bows will increase.
Gunnery School Meat 2400 Gold 1200 You will be able to produce this artillery immediately (+20% damage).
Ethnic Symbols4000 each, no stones requiredLet’s defend the symbols of our nation and make victory a certainty. Other civilizations that have noticed the symbol of the nation should try to destroy it somehow.
French Evolution Table

AoE4 France Cheats Order Information

French Multiplayer Videos

Age II: Knight Rush

Only France and England can build landmarks that can train soldiers in the 2 evolution.
In addition, in France, the speed of knight training increases, and the research of the attack power increase system of the ironworks is automatic, so normally the cost of building a cavalry training center and an ironworks after two evolutions can be used for the creation cost of knights whose attack power suddenly increased, and as a result, it is possible to continue to train knights and townspeople.

Era I

Continue to produce townspeople. Seven sheep and one person builds a miner and shakes up to three people with gold. After that, we will continue to increase the number of people who take meat.

Scout to gather and bring the sheep.

Don’t make mistakes (forget to make them) at home.

Since the population of 16 ~ people accumulates resources for evolution, three people will build a landmark cavalry school.

Increase the number of people who cut trees to three during evolution.
From then on, the number of people in the town will increase by the ratio of meat 2 to gold 1.

Era II

The goal is to turn knights around faster than their opponents in 2 and go to vandalize them immediately, reducing the number of townspeople.

In the beginning, because there is only one center of the town, under the premise of continuing to make the townspeople, if the number of townspeople is reduced, the difference in the domestic affairs from then on will follow.
In other words, if you forget the production of the townspeople and stop it, the meaning of rush will fade, so be careful there.

Wood is used for house building and research on collection efficiency, but in particular, in France, when you build an ironworks, you automatically complete the research to increase melee attack power according to the times, so when you enter Era 2,
you want to make a mistake in the house and build it with the highest priority.
However, in Era 2 the lumberjack should not be increased from 3 to 4 people. Concentrate on meat and gold and allocate them, so that you can train knights or evolve them as they are when you can afford them.

The knight can’t fall with a few arrows, so he manipulates it well to defeat the opponent’s army and defeat the villagers if he does.
Using numbering, the cultivation of city people and knights is manipulated without panning.
He watches little of his domestic affairs and focuses on watching the knights.

If you charge with two people, you can kill one person in the city with only the charge damage, so you can kill one person and hit and away even if you have a slight suspense.
A knight with reduced HP should lower it to make it harder to die by small work such as aiming other knights.
Later, you can reuse it as you do research on knight HP restoration.

If you can hunt about 5 people, the rush order will be a great success and aim for III.

Study the horseman’s HP auto-healing at the Cavalry School or increase your defenses in the Ironworks. In France, the offensive power is automatically raised.
If you raise your bow defense, you will be able to vandalize within the range of arrows in the center of the city with plenty of room.

The opponent’s army composition is likely to be a lot of spears, so we will build a warrior training center and turn the troops around,
and we will also add a knight training center to rotate it.

These are combinations with high siege power, so I packed it up with veteran research in 3 places.

1v1 Semi-Immediate III, IV. Order

An order like a continuation of Knight Rush.

Uninterrupted training of townspeople, no mistakes at home, taking resources and fighting vandalism without stopping domestic politics, reconnaissance of the opponent’s center, and being required to judge the situation at the timing of entering the era III, Knight Rush’s internal affairs and military operations are an order for those who can already do well.

In France, the townspeople are nurtured faster, and the faster the times evolve, so you can make a difference in domestic politics just by withdrawing and not letting them troll. For the purpose of judgment, it is important to keep visibility by placing scouts, bows, etc. in a position where the resource gathering situation near the center of the opponent can be seen.
It is particularly effective against Rome, the Delhi Sultanate and China, where the opponent is II and does not have unique units with mobility.
Conversely, I don’t recommend it because if you give a knight in II, or if you give a bow against Rus France, you will lose.
Rather than throwing out spears instead of throwing spears at such countries, they should add cavalry training centers and win in the number of knights.

Also, in the era after III, if you do not put in a difference of 2 ~ 3 minutes, this order will fail somewhere. The reason is

  • The second entry is too late and the knight rush has already been established (the opponent has the upper hand from the beginning and the rush has been returned)
  • Was my townsfolk creation interrupted?
  • Either the other party has built the center of the second town and has not been discovered,
  • Lack of research on domestic politics,
  • Have you taken resources that are not necessary for evolution and left them to fend over?
  • Knights and bows have died, motivating the opponent to fight back.


Era I

Evolved in cavalry school with 3 gold, 1 tree, and sheep.

Make sure to find the opponent’s center and scout the resource gathering place before the knight lands.

Age II, Psychological Warfare

First, as with Knight Rush, knights from the cavalry school can land and vandalize opposing townspeople at the fastest speed of up to 2~3 bodies.

It seems that the opponent is often spears and outposts on the French guard.
Therefore, Knight Rush may stop slightly, so build an archery hut and 2 or 3 archers also land to support Knight Rush. Don’t force the knight to stay near the center to death. Knights with reduced HP are lowered.
When multiple outposts are built and it becomes difficult to get out of hand (but this one must survive with military superiority). If the military is superior, there may be an increase in outposts and the like. ) and let the bow stay near the center of the opponent or in a position where you can see the outpost from there. It is important to show it at the last minute of vision, and if you go too far, you will find that there are only two bows, so be careful.
The side where the bow is placed and the side with the bow or the side at 90 degrees as seen from the center are placed in standby mode to monitor the opponent.
If there is room for operation, it is better to move the scout and check the omnidirectional direction of the center.
Here, you’ll be watching to see if your opponent is going on an expedition to a resource away from the heart of a defenseless town or coming forward to fight back.
If you make sure that the opponent’s internal affairs are confined only to the vicinity of the center, that there is no place where you are conducting internal affairs by expedition such as deer, and that the opponent has started to accumulate troops without coming forward, you will stop army production.

As for the opponent’s thinking, the spear melts into the bow opponent in an instant, so it will devote more resources to the archery training center, outpost, etc.
We must not waste resources such as building outposts in our own camp.

(Of course, if you monitor the soldiers/training centers that the other party is creating, and if there is any sign of expanding your army and marching even if you interrupt the creation of townspeople, we will also add anti-virus so that we do not make a big difference to our evolution.) )

When the opponent withdraws, he concentrates on the meat and gold and enters the era III. Evolved in the Royal Society.

Age III.

At the Royal Society, there is a ton demonstration study called 30% increase in cavalry health and military cost reduction research, so we will give priority to ironworks. If you have leftovers, it’s an ironworks. Others can be studied by Albatrier. You don’t have to use Albatriye to do it.

If you enter 3, the creation speed of the French townsman becomes MAX here. By now, the number of villagers is probably around 60:50, and the opponent is already devoting resources to defense. If they are so withdrawn that they cannot even get meat, they are also devoting resources to the fields.

If the opponent’s troops are accumulated and you are in a fighting stance, you will devote all the resources that you have not wasted so far to the Anti-Training Center and the army, and if there are an equal number of knights, you will win.

Or, if you see your opponent using resources to expand the center of the town, here’s the four-way evolution.

Evolved in gunnery schools.

Age IV.

While strengthening cavalry at the university, he brought out the guards cannons from the gunnery school and added them to the army. Checkmate.