AoE4 Abbasid Empire Build Order List


This page explains the characteristics of Abbasid civilization and the operation procedure (order) by operation.

AoE4 Abbasid Dynasty Characteristics

Difficulty: ★ ★ ☆

  • Camel bow, camel cavalry is the final anti-cavalry weapon
  • Infantry can create siege weapons on the field from the beginning, and trebuchets from 3. Camels strengthen the surrounding infantry.
  • If you build a large number of buildings around the House of Wisdom, there is a domestic policy bonus, so the front line tends to go down.
Abbasid town graphics. Not India, but the Middle East.

What is the Abbasid Dynasty?

The Abbasid Empire is a civilization characterized by camel cavalry units and unusual ways of evolving.

In the in-game description, the difficulty level is 2 stars.

The units that appear in the Abbasid Dynasty in Age of Empires 4 are close to the Persian and Berbers that appeared in AoE2 (and aoe3 DE).

Abbasid location

The Abbasid dynasty, which was not familiar to me, was located in the Middle East and was a caliph descended from Abbas ibn Abdulmutttalib, the uncle of Muhammad, the founder of Islam, and at its peak its rule extended from the Iberian Peninsula in the west to Central Asia in the east.

Abbasid dynasty of AOE4

The Abbasids are adaptive civilizations because of their ability to study their own upgrades in the House of Wisdom. These upgrades affect and modify core game elements and mechanics and provide a unique way to build empires.

In the Age of Empires IV, the Abbasid dynasty civilization spanned 750~1517 years and is based on the Abbasid and Mamluk dynasties. The empire originated in modern-day Iraq, but after the Mongols destroyed the capital Baghdad in 1258, the seat of power shifted to Cairo.

You will experience the “Golden Age of Islam" by playing the Abbasid Dynasty, an Arabic-speaking civilization. During this period, technological innovation flourished as the medieval world competed towards the modern era. The Abbasid dynasty survived civil wars, crusades, Mongol invasions, relentless piracy, and rebellion, and ruled the spiritual center of the Islamic world for nearly 800 years.

age of empires IV Official Japanese translation

Play Abbasid in AoE4

Abbasid civilization is centered on their House of Wisdom, which provides unique upgrade opportunities and serves as the basis for their Golden Age mechanisms.

As buildings are constructed around the Hall of Wisdom, the aura of the Golden Age increases, and the collection, investigation, and production rates increase.

Abbasids, peculiar to their civilization, receive camel archers and camel cavalry that serve as unique anti-cavalry units.

The Abbasid dynasty continued to collect resources, construct buildings, or perform other tasks without assigning active villagers, with its unique ability to build landmarks and evolve through the ages, allowing for uninterrupted growth.

Japanese translation of AOE4 formula

The expansion of the Hall of Knowledge is a research format, so the fact that townspeople do not need it has the potential to be a two-rush.

Abbasid units

Camel Archery Cavalry

Camel cavalry is an anti-cavalry unit that reduces damage from nearby enemy cavalry units. With their extended attack range and higher damage than the average horse archer, they can pick up enemy cavalry from a safe distance.


Imams are inspiring community leaders who can be created from Abbasid mosque buildings.

There are also camel cavalry. It can be created separately from knights and is expensive.

Abbasid Dynasty Evolution

Era I

At the time of Age I, Abbasid civilization began with the House of Wisdom and offers some unique upgrades to change gameplay, economy, military, and trade. Unlike other civilizations that need to build aging landmarks, the Abbasids will have to complete these upgrades. This can be done in any order.

Era II

The Abbasids have not seen the new landmark buildings built at the beginning of the Second Age, but instead have access to the camel archery cavalry, a unique anti-cavalry shooting unit.

Age III.

Once again, the Abbasids abandoned the new landmark in the third era and this time won the camel cavalry in one of their unique anti-cavalry units.

Age IV.

Reaching the Quaternary period, the Abbasids studied three of the four available evolutions. During this Era, players will be able to complete the last Wisdom House upgrade to reach what might be considered the form of “Age V."
(Studying the last remaining evolution costs the same as Age IV evolution.) )

Aoe4’s Abbasid Civilization Bonus

  • Anti-cavalry capability
    • It is particularly effective against cavalry-based armies.
  • Golden Age
    • We will hasten the advent of the Golden Age of civilization. As you enter the Golden Age, the speed of research, production, and gathering increases.
  • The Search for Wisdom
    • Boost your Abbasid quest for wisdom through the unique technology available in the House of Wisdom.
  • Civilization Bonus
    • Rate of collection from fruit bushes +25%. Instead, it cannot be collected from wild boars.
    • Infantry units can build battering rams and siege towers without “siege engineering".
    • Times evolve by building the Wings of Wisdom. +5 anti-flame armor of nearby buildings.
    • As we enter the Golden Age, the speed of resource gathering and production increases, and research time is reduced.
    • Port cost – 50%.
  • Siege Expert
    • Infantry can build rams, siege towers, springards, and trebuchets without the “Siege Engineering" upgrade.
  • Unique Units
    • Produce camel archers and camel cavalry.

I think everyone could have expected that camels are strong against cavalry.
The Abbasids first built a House of Knowledge and evolved by adding four upgrades to that building. So, unlike other civilizations, players can decide in the order of evolution they want to get the bonus from.
If you have enough resources, you can run evolution at the same time (it can no longer be done in the product version), so it may be possible to have super fast emperor evolution.
In addition, the Hall of Knowledge is quite stiff, and there are fireproof bonuses and collecting bonuses for the buildings around it, so there is also a choice of backwater such as whether to build it in your own camp or build a front line with it.
Well, I guess it's basically my own team.
Camels are strong against cavalry, and camel cavalry can barely surpass full-up knights if they are full-ups that include research in the House of Wisdom. However, there is no charge damage, so depending on the hit, you will lose. The total cost is the same high cost as the knight, but the meat 180 gold 60 and the distribution is meat 3: gold 1 and overwhelmingly meat side, so if you want to make it the main force, you want field 60 to 70.

The fact that infantry can produce siege weapons from scratch is also an advantage in terms of the speed of the 2R (research is necessary in other countries). Furthermore, from period 3 onwards, only Abbas and Mongolia could produce trebuchets and siege towers with infantry, and in the case of Mongolia, research is necessary.
It seems that you can do an interesting battle such as stuffing a spear bow into a battering ram, dodging the bow, and fighting back if you aim for destruction with cavalry and infantry.
In addition, only normal archers in Age 4 (camel archers do not go up) There is a study that increases the rate of fire, so it is easy to defeat the spear, and the main force is knights and camel cavalry.

AoE4 House of Abbasid Wisdom Evolution List

House of WisdomThu 100Includes Abbasid civilization technology.
The Abbasid dynasty evolved its time with the House of Wisdom. Build towers to evolve the era and earn more upgrades.
+5 anti-flame armor for buildings within the sphere of influence.
Built within the sphere of influence of the House of Wisdom, the facilities help to realize the Golden Age.
Trade BuildingDepends on the eraEvolve to the next era.
The following trading technologies are now available:
– Merchants’ golden income (Age of Lords),
Merchant armor (Age of Castle Lords), Second Trade Resources (Age of Emperors
Economic BuildingDepends on the eraConstruction of an economic building.
The following economic technologies will be available for you to choose from:
– Transportation limit (Kai) (Age of the Lord), Agriculture (Age of the Castle Lord),

Processing (Kai) (Age of the Emperor)
Military WingDepends on the eraBuild a military wing.
The following military technologies will be available for your choice:
– Camel support (Age of the Lords), Shield of Camel Cavalry (Age of the Castle Lord),

Stable Shooting of Camel Archers and Cavalry (Age of the Emperor)
Culture BuildingDepends on the eraConstruction of a cultural building.
The following cultural technologies will be available for you to choose from:
– Preservation of knowledge (Age of the Lords), Medical Facilities (Age of the Castle Lords
Faith (Age of the Emperor)

AoE4 Abbasid Order List

Abbasid Play Videos

Before ordering, how to fight

The Abbasids have been hovering around the weakest contenders since their release, but the Season One update has strengthened the Camel Cavalry and made it somewhat usable even for non-anti-cavalry, and the latest update has made civilization easier to use thanks to the speed of the first stage of research in the House of Wisdom.
Camel cavalry can beat a knight of the same level alone if the armor study of the House of Wisdom is included, and the cost is the same as that of a knight.
After 3, it should be installed as a mainstay.
Camel cavalry look heavy-handed, but since they are treated as light soldiers, they do not receive heavy bonus damage from bowmen or Roman soldiers. However, since the melee defense is as special as heavy equipment and the shooting defense is from 0, it is better to make a spear cavalry if the opponent is a normal archer main.
If the opponent is a camel, a camel, an archer, a knight, and so on, you can respond by changing the units from the same cavalry training center.
Camel archers have overwhelming mobility, so they can cope with anti-Mangudai and archers, and in the beginning of 3 when the numbers are not aligned, they can fight with a pull-out other than that, but in charge of shooting in total war, the defense near the camel will increase, the ambastic unique research of increasing the rate of fire, and the archers with a longer range will have better costa.
Camel cavalry and camel archery cavalry are difficult to reconcile because of the heavy meat cost.
Personally, I often lose because I can’t shift to camel bows → camel cavalry in the flow of times 2 →3.

The weakness of the Abbasid dynasty is that the early orders are very easy to read.
If you see a stone digger in 1-2, your opponent will likewise be charged at the time of strengthening domestic affairs or building a center.
If you weren’t digging stones, it would be a spear or bow + a battering hammer rush.
Also, in Age II, the training speed is slower than that of archers, and the number of camel archers who cost about 3 times more expensive is not available, so if you train a camel bow from the beginning, you will not be able to return the opponent’s gachi rush.
Even after Era 3, there will be no more landmarks that can be used as immediate combat and defensive power, so if you drop the House of Wisdom and the initial center, the game is over. In team matches, it is overwhelmingly easy to be targeted.

If you don’t forget that you are the one who will be targeted at your home base at any time, and deal with it with walls, outposts, and castles, you can enjoy playing with overwhelming internal power and camel cavalry that can defeat a large army of knights from the front, and battering rams, trebuchets, and springards that can be made on the battlefield.

2TC order immediately

The strategy of the internal affairs boom, taking the economy building in two evolutions and producing the townspeople from two TC (town center) with the townspeople halved. If you show signs of your opponent being trapped on the large forest map, 3TC is also effective.

Era I

Logging station → home two early farmers

Gold Mine for 3 People

Other than that, farmers produce strawberries in milling stations.

When the strawberries become four, one additional one is added to the tree and gold from the farmer who produced it.

Wood 50 + gold 150 Wheelbarrow research at the mill at the moment of accumulation.

When 100 trees are accumulated, the one who is closer to the strawberries of the tree farmer or the gold peasant, builds a house of knowledge, builds a house, and turns it into a strawberry.
Since we will spend 125 gold immediately after evolution, we should leave about 3 people in gold.

2 Evolution is the Economic Building.
During evolution you will leave meat 4 gold 3 and full force on the tree, 400 stones when you accumulate.

Scouts should always check the construction status of the military training center around the center of the opponent.
If there are multiple training camps or all-out troops from knights, longbow landmarks, or training centers, it is better to switch to the normal soldier order.

Era II

First of all, we will put in a study that will cost the townspeople half the price at the knowledge hall.

If you build an additional center, you will enter Golden Age I by connecting 2 training centers and 10 buildings with houses according to the opponent’s soldier type.

If the opponent is already in the bow main, it is better not to create a camel archer cavalry from the beginning. Because the nurturing is slow.
Conversely, if the opponent is an infantryman, it may be a camel bow. If you are dealing with a military archer, you have to match this number at first by pulling a camel bow + mounted soldier.
If there is a knight, a spear camel.

Camels make the armor of the surrounding infantry +2 thicker, so camel bows + spears (from era III onwards, military soldiers) are a good match.
Camel bow + bow is also good, but be careful because if you do not operate it well, the camel will have a shorter range and come forward.

Research at an ironworks is essential, but research will be cheaper in Times III, so if possible, I would like to go to 3 without doing internal policy research other than wheelbarrows. Nurseries and houses are made to be wastefully made as soon as there are too many trees to aim for Golden Age 2.
It is good to extend the connection towards the opponent’s area while connecting the training center.
III. Evolution is the Cultural Building.

Age III.

We will study the preservation of knowledge, make research cheaper, and put in the rest of the research as resources become available.
There is also research in the field in the hall of knowledge, so it is something to do.

Camel cavalry and camel archers cost half as much as they can, so 40 sheets is not enough for the field.
Other than meat, I don’t reduce it much, so I take a lot of square meat for the rabbit.

4 Evolution is a military building.

Age IV.

Manage resources so that you can study fire arrows first.
If you include the elite fire arrows and camel bows and the increase in the rate of fire, it is numerically close to a musketeer running on a camel.
Because of the single landmark, Abbas sometimes ends up being raided.
It’s easy to forget, but don’t forget to build walls or fortify your own walls with towers and castles.

Let’s build a training center so that the Golden Age can also enter III.
It is good at home、、、 but the training center can actually be used.

Since the cost of merchants is half that of the Abbasids, it is surprisingly easy to switch trades.

Cultural Building Evolution Technology Boom Order

The Abbasid dynasty was painful because it had to fight with spears, bows, and camel bows in the second period.
If you don’t press in this type II, you will be roughed up roughly, so the difficulty ★level may be two.
Prevent the opponent’s rush with an outpost and attract the opponent’s army with a spear bow and a battering ram.

Era I

※ I will not describe it in particular after that, but please make it without interruption until about 120 farmers.

Since there are 50 more starting trees, I immediately build the House of Wisdom by myself. As soon as resources are accumulated, they can evolve from here, and 3 etc. are allocated by numbering to do unique research.

Sheep 7, gold 3, and also increase the townspeople like sheep.

When the resources exceed 400 meat and 200 gold, cultural evolution from the House of Wisdom without fail.

During evolution, reduce it to 2 pieces of gold and turn it into a tree, and save 125.
Increase the lumberjack so as not to miss the house.
If the opponent is a knight rush in France, it is better to reduce it to about 3 pieces of meat during evolution and turn it into a tree, and by about 4:30 a.m. you should have two outposts built near the mine and the logging station, so that the infantry training center can be built at the same time as the evolution.
If the visibility is wide in the outpost, you can notice it before the knight arrives and garrison it in the outpost, or bring a spear with you.

Era II

At the House of Wisdom, we will immediately conduct research on the preservation of knowledge of cultural evolution (all research costs are -30%).
If your opponent is Knight Rush, you can put in a study of the Phalanx. Since the range of the spear is doubled, it is easy to hit the knight who is running away, and in a group battle, the spear in the second row may also reach the knight (verification is necessary here).

Shake one person to the stone. ↑ Research is cheap, and it is easy to study the gap between the outposts (automatic counterattack).
If the knight-mangdailash is expected and received, when there is room for trees, an outpost will be built here as well, and the town will be fenced off within the outer range of the three outposts. In other cases, you don’t have to go that far.

Build an outpost at a place away from the center, such as gold or lumberjacks, and then build an infantry training center if the opponent is a cavalry country, or a bow training center if it is a bow, and start to rotate the soldiers. When you have 150 trees, you will also build a training center for those who did not build them, and turn the troops around.
If there is room, the outpost will then be built about three in total near deer, strawberry, wood, and gold to deal with vandalism.

If the opponent has not yet landed, the soldier places a gathering point near the opponent from the first person, and if there are no soldiers in the scouts or if there is only a bow, the soldier creates a battering ram, crushes the house, training center, and center to attack. If the house is crushed at the beginning, it can put pressure on the population, so it is good.

We will increase the number of training centers and houses around the Wisdom Hall, and connect remote towers and resource recovery facilities.
In the Abbasid dynasty of AoE4, if the number of buildings connected to the House of Wisdom increases, the resource gathering rate of the townspeople will increase by three levels (Gold Age), so let’s aim for the first stage for the time being in II.
The number of buildings connected to the current stage can be confirmed by selecting the House of Wisdom and hovering the mouse over the icon in the status frame of the ★ building.

Since the 30% discount on research should have already been completed, it is a good idea to build an ironworks in II, and rotate them in the order of indirect defense, melee defense, attack power, and so on. As for resource research, those that are allocated to 10 or more people can be actively conducted.

If the soldiers are able to rotate, they will also increase the allocation to gold.

  • 3 Evolution will either be increased centrally at -50% of the cost of the townspeople,
  • Take advantage of the characteristics of strengthening infantry by mixing camels in military evolution,
  • There are three choices to make: strengthen trade.

I’ll take -50% of the townsfolk cost here.

Age III.

Villagers do research at -50% of the cost.
I mean, it’s 30% cheaper, so you can do all the research on the military and resources you use.

In the House of Wisdom there is a study of the phalanx-spearman’s range doubled.

I want to build a building and make the Gold Age MAX. However, if the map is wide, such as 4v4, a separate front line is also necessary.
Take stones, increase the number of townspeople, and solidify domestic affairs. It’s time to do the fields.
After that, if there is room to spare, I will go up to 3 cases.

Send one person to build a market at the end of the map. Keep building a market on Thu 100. For buying and selling resources, number 8.

Infantry will be able to make trebuchets, so if the opponent has a bow, you want to keep the two of them there at all times. If you have three, you have a chance to bury your entire army with two blows.
At present, the opponent is the strongest in France, and since the composition is almost a horse + bow or bow + siege weapon,
I would like to make it a spear>camel cavalry> a trebuchet > bow soldier. If the opponent has too many bows, a spear cavalry instead of a camel, or a bow instead of a bow.
Camels take a long time to fully strengthen, and even if there is a cavalry bonus, the attack is less than half, and the defense and status are inferior to knights, so it is dangerous to put camel cavalry as the main one.
Camels strengthen the infantry around them, so it’s a good idea to have a few camel archers behind you and operate them to run away if they are targeted.

Age IV.

Even if you come to the fourth evolution, there is still one more thing in the House of Wisdom that you did not choose in evolution, so it is good to do it if you can afford it.
The Abbasids of AoE4 have carbaline cannons, so they are strong between guns. Note that the artillery cannon and calvaline only come out of the siege weapons training center.

Bow switched to a musketeer who could handle cannons if he worked hard.
The market is in full swing. If you make too many peasants, you can go and build castles on the front line on the premise that they will be killed.
Don’t forget to do market research at the Wisdom Hall, and do research at universities, ironworks, and everything else.

How strong are the 4 full-strength camel cavalry, under investigation.

Battering Hammer Rush Order (for 1v1)

An Abbasid bonus in AoE4 that takes advantage of the infantryman’s ability to make a battering ram from scratch.
It is easy to work if the first training center built by the opponent is a bow.

I don’t recommend it much against Rome, where you can send troops from 2.
Also, when enemy friends come to your aid, it’s hard to read, so I don’t recommend it if you don’t have an ally to hang out with Rush.

Era I

Same as the above order.
One outpost is required just in case.
Evolution is fine, but when you can’t decide, or for the sake of the ironworks, the whole research – 30%.
During the evolution, he builds an infantry training center and begins to make spears. The meeting point is just before the enemy.

Era II

All studies – 30% studied.

When you reach the enemy camp with about 4 spears, make a battering ram with 300 trees, and crush the opponent’s outpost, house, training center, and landmark in that order.
Generally, if you can destroy the house with the first bullet, the opponent’s army creation will stop, so the rush is easy to decide.
However, swallow what I wrote above and do not push too much, but attack from a position judged to be advantageous.
Spear 4 and the spear that arrives after that aim at the battering ram and enter the battering ram unless a soldier or a villager approaches.

The spear and the villagers keep making.
If it seems to be decided, he doesn’t need any more money, so he sends two villagers to wait near the front line to repair the first battered hammer.

When the HP of the battering hammer is about half, or when the spear has reached 16 people, once it has gone down and the spear is released, a second one is created.
At the same time, I pitted the first car. Repaired by a townsman.

Since only one warrior training center is turned around with the townspeople, there should be plenty of resources around here, so two repair personnel on the front line start to build a bow training center, and build an ironworks and houses in the main camp to make it one stage of the Golden Age. Let’s do what we can to study the defensive power of the ironworks.
Check for the movement of sheep and strawberries to the next resource location.
Camel archers have a heavy meat cost, so archers are good here.

If you can make a second one, go for it. Hopefully you will be gg here.

Age III.

Nothing in particular

Age IV.

Nothing in particular

Land Attack Order 2021/11/14 Edition

  • My favorite way to play lately.
  • Even if the opponent is a knight, it is an order to go on the offensive and win the army without defending.
  • As with all orders, the townspeople’s production should not stop until around 100 people.

Era I

Started and built with a house, a hall of knowledge, a mining field and one person by himself, and cultural evolution with 7 gold 3 meat meat.
If the sheep are too low to cut, all the meat people may gather only 50 trees and grind them into strawberries.
The Abbasid dynasty was quick to collect strawberries.
The gold digger can
remain almost three people before the decision to enter III, build a second house, press the cultural evolution button, leave 3 ~ 4 people in the meat, go to the tree, build a logging station during the evolution,
and start turning the spearmen.
When the infantry training center is built, leave 5 or 6 lumberjacks and return them all to meat.

Era II

Conservation research of immediate knowledge.

If you attack from here, when the production of villagers and spearmen does not stop, you will increase the number of lumberjacks by 3 or 4 people in the town that were produced.
If the other party is a knight, immediately build a second warrior training center, and while studying skilled spearmen on one side, turn the spearman on the other, and then turn the spear in the two. Otherwise, the second house may be a bow.
The third case will be increased to consist of Warrior Training Center 2 and Bow Training Station 1.
If there is a camel archer, the infantry in the vicinity will be +1 melee / indirect defense, so take out only one and use it carefully.

During this time, the surplus wood will be used to make the house or ironworks have 10 buildings around the House of Knowledge, starting Golden Age Grade 1. Grade 2 is far from 30, so for the time being, even if you don’t need up to 10 at the beginning of Age II, build houses, nurseries, and ironworks and get Golden Age bonuses early.

With the power of the domestic politics of the Golden Age of Abbass and the concentration of meat trees that do not allocate more than three people for money, the three huts can be turned.

The surplus resources will be devoted to the study of meat, wood, and gold. In the early stages, the army is only a few orders of life, so the research of the ironworks is not a high priority. If you can stab me in the back with 2, I’ll do it.
Even if Rome were to have a single army, it would be okay because it should have the upper hand of the army in terms of numbers from internal political power.

If the second country comes to help, such as a bow single, pull back and evolve 3 times.
3Once you have judged evolution, once you have judged the evolution, once you swing all the lumberjacks at the resources that are lacking in evolution, evolve quickly.

3The evolution is the economic building.

Press the evolution button and if your opponent doesn’t come out to fight back, concentrate on the stones and trees in this Suki and add the center of the town.

If your opponent starts to fight back in two countries and your side is thin, you can build a tower from your own position to the opponent’s position so that you can see the whole range, put in a springard study, buy time, etc.

Age III.

Because of the keep, about 7 ~ 10 townspeople are assigned to the stone digging.

We will immediately incorporate research that will halve the cost of the townspeople, increase the number of lumberjacks from the center that has become two, increase the number of fields, increase the number of lumberjacks, and so on, and so on, and so on, increasing the number of people in the field to about 30 people.

At the same time as its internal affairs, the story of the front line.

If your opponent’s longbow is painful, increase the number of trebuchets to the line by first swinging the villagers a lot on wood and gold (you may want to stop the 3-hut spinning slightly). In this case, priority takes over the field. When the three of them are gathered, the longbow that is shooting at the enemy’s vanguard will sink in an instant. Here, if the opposing vanguard knight survives, the trebuchet will be killed, so when the trebuchet is ready, the vanguard will be concentrated at a ratio of about 8 vanguard and 2 rear guard (the vanguard is consumed and the number of the vanguard is decreasing, so it must be added constantly).

If you don’t feel the threat of the archery, send Ishibori people to the front line when the stones accumulate, and build a tower where there is a battle with the opposing army and you can maintain the front line, you can put the most pressure on the opponent … but it will not be broken in the middle of building.
If your opponent’s throw, springard, or trebuchet is coming and you can’t defeat them with your own army alone, it’s easier to use them with infantry to send out more springards than to add knights.

During this period, the number of training centers has been increased to a minimum of about six per soldier type. If you push it, it is better to raise the training center that will be the front line closer to the battlefield. Otherwise, if the training of this soldier is interrupted by a mistake, the reinforcement of the opponent’s soldier will be able to reach the battlefield faster and you will lose a few times.

If there is enough training center to replenish the army immediately, and if resources are surplus, and there are no walls on the way to the opponent’s center, it is easy to end the game if you bypass the whole army battle and attack to the center of the opponent even if you take damage, stop internal affairs and defeat the villagers.

4 trades in the Economic Wing if it seems to drag on the wall etc., and if you are pushing and controlling more than half of the map, and if there is still gold left on the map, evolve in the Military Building.

Age IV.

4. University research and military production are heavily golden, so if the allocation of money is still small, we will review it. If there is little gold left on the map, you have to start trading ~20 people, and when the money runs out, the game will be over.

After all, it is strong to study chemistry at university immediately after entering the fourth position, and to change the rear guard into a musketeer, regardless of the type of soldier of the opponent.
The vanguard is as cheap as an infantry unit of soldiers and spears, easy to turn the musketeers, and it is good because you can strengthen the vicinity with camels. If the opponent’s vanguard is a single soldier, you can change it to a lancer、、、 but the heavy cost of meat 140 gold 100 is difficult to turn because of the cost of the musketeers and the money, and in the end, if the musketeers are in the rear guard enough, you should be able to defeat either one. If there are about 20 musketeers accumulated, I think it is okay to switch sequentially.

The last fight is against the tower and the vicinity of landmarks, so bring 3 or 4 stone cannons and trebuchets.