AoE4 Delhi Sultanate Build Order Information


This page explains the civilizational characteristics of the Delhi Sultanate and the operational procedures (orders) by operation.

Features of AoE4 Delhi Sultanate

  • Degree of difficulty:★★★
  • Overwhelming HP of Spear Elephant and Bow Elephant, build stone wall towers with infantry and complete a robust fortress empire (if you choose in 3 evolutions)!
  • Research is free of charge except for the defensive facility upgrade!? I’m busy researching! However, if you do not put a large number of scholars in the mosque, you will not be able to proceed at all!
  • Delhi The Sultanate is also a disadvantaged country that must be overcome only with spears, bows, and cavalry.

Delhi Sultanate in Age of Empires 4

The civilization of the Delhi Sultanate is at the forefront of technological innovation. They focus on research and defense, and are better at advancing technology than other civilizations.

In Age of Empires IV, the civilization of the Delhi Sultanate is based on a powerful empire formed from the invasion of the Ghor dynasty (originating in Persia) in northern India spanning 879-1526. For 300 years, this empire formed an independent Indo-Islamic region and adopted the technology that existed in India.

Going through the ages, you will be able to experience the rich history of this civilization. Playing the civilization of the Farsi-speaking Delhi Sultanate, the first period reflecting the Grid-Sultanate of Turkey and Iran, you will get a taste of the culture full of vitality and rebellious strength of the Delhi Sultanate through the Mamluks and Kharjis, Tughluks, Sayyids and Lodis.

Play Delhi Sultanate

The early strategic decisions of the match are essential to the civilization of the Delhi Sultanate, who emerges as the dominant force later in the game. The army of the Delhi Sultanate has some terrible things to encounter. The battle elephants, the core of their army, are melee units that can deal high damage and boast staggering hit points.

The Delhi Sultanate specializes in research. Not only will they have access to several upgrade options throughout the ages, but their own scholarly research systems with valuable scholars essential to the system provide research advantages not found in other civilizations.

The Delhi Sultanate is researching technology with more time invested without spending money on resources. To offset this, the Delhi Sultanate uses scholars – each speeding up the study. The Delhi Sultanate dynasty can utilize its defenses through the ability of infantry units to build defensive structures while spending time to stretch its forces through the ages. When their army reaches full heights, the power of the Delhi Sultanate is a force to be considered.



Scholars are equivalent to the monks of civilization and have unique abilities to speed up research and technology upgrades.

War Elephant
War Elephant

War Elephant

A powerful War Elephant is a powerful melee unit that deals high health and damage to units and structures.

Tower Elephant

Tower War Elephant

Tower War Elephants are devastating units with ranged attacks. Two archers are mounted on the War Elephant tower.

AoE4 Era Evolution of the Delhi Sultanate

Era I

At the time of Era I, the Delhi Sultanate had access to a mosque that produced scholars, the center of Delhi Sultanate civilization, in order to speed up research and make it a booming center of technological innovation.

Era II

The research capacity of the Delhi Sultanate is dramatically enhanced by the Dome of Faith, one of the landmarks that will become Era II. The landmark’s ability to produce scholars at a low cost allows the Delhi Sultanate to pursue more avenues of upgrades available to its expanding civilization.

Age III.

At the time of Era III, one of the landmarks, the House of Learning offers several unique economic and religious upgrades. Speeding up research with a growing network of scholars in civilization is a great option to pursue.

Age IV.

Entering the last era at the Sultan’s Palace, one of the landmarks of the Age III, the army of the Delhi Sultanate will be its own army in Age IV. The Sultan’s Palace contributes to a growing army and regularly produces war elephants – a building that the scholars stationed there can speed up.

AoE4 Delhi Sultanate Civilization Bonus

  • Scholarly culture
    • You can research all the technologies for free. You can also stop or resume your research along the way. However, without the help of religious scholars, the speed of research can be significantly slower.
  • Frontier Fort
    • Use military units that can build pile fences to build fortified settlements. Once completed, you can build a tower and use the weapon base for free (only boiling oil is free).
  • Forest of fruit trees
    • By building a flour mill nearby, the fruit bushes are turned into orchards (250→350 meats). Orchards produce more food.
  • Civilization Bonus
    • The collection speed and transportation speed from fruit bushes is also +30%. Instead, they cannot be collected from wild boars.
    • Scholars available in the Dark Ages (I. Times).
    • All technology is free of charge. However, it takes a very long time to complete the research. Academics improve the speed of their research.
    • Infantry units can build defensive facilities.
    • Archers board fishing boats (fishing boats can attack bows by default).
    • The amount of money obtained from the Holy Land is +50% (not mentioned in the description. I wish I could write it. )
  • influence
    • Buildings built within the influence of the mosque increase the speed of research according to the number of scholars stationed there.
  • Unique Units
    • Academics: Stationing in mosques speeds up the study of technology.
    • Elephant: A powerful siege attack unit with high health and damage.

AoE4 Delhi Sultanate Evolutionary Landmark

Ⅰ→ⅡTower of VictoryMeat 400 Gold 200Permanently increase the attack speed of close-combat infantry and marksmanship infantry approaching this historic building by 20%.
Dome of FaithMeat 400 Gold 200– 50% of the cost of academics in historical buildings.
Ⅱ→ⅢDefense Force PositionsMeat 1200 Gold 600It will be possible to use infantry to build stone walls, gates and towers. Stone required by the building and its base – 25%.
A House of LearningMeat 1200 Gold 600 There are no immediate bonuses other than the evolution of the times, but they do offer a number of unique economic and religious technologies.
Ⅲ→ⅣHisaru AcademyMeat 2400 Gold 1200We will continue to produce food according to the total number of technologies studied.
Sultan’s Palace Meat 2400 Gold 1200 Automatically produce tower elephants Stationing academics in this historic building reduces production time. Up to 4 people can be stationed there.
symbolAgra Grand Palace3000 eachLet us build and defend our national symbols and ensure victory. Other civilizations, noticing the construction of the national symbol, should try to destroy it somehow.
Era Evolution Landmark of the Delhi Sultanate

Delhi Things to Remember Before Using the Sultanate

This is an explanatory video as of August 24, 2020.
  • The first mosque is free of charge for scholars, so if you build it, research will start to quicken immediately.
    If you start your research at the same time as you build it at the beginning of the game, you can finish the research to have scholars stationed at the Warrior Trainer by the time you reach the second round.
  • The Holy Land can be occupied from Age 2 by completing research at the mosque, and the amount of money obtained from the Holy Land is 50% more than other countries (100% →50% in the 4/7 update).
    Delhi is a scholar and a population eater, so I’d love to take this bonus of making money with zero farmers.
  • Each mosque can have three academics.
  • The longer the research time is set for research that becomes possible in the future, so it is essential to build an extension of the mosque.
  • When a mosque is placed in a connected position, the building that is connected when the mosque is selected will glow orange.
  • Only buildings connected to the mosque will shorten the research time by 20 seconds per person according to the number of scholars stationed there.
  • If you do research in a mosque, you can have one scholar stationed at each military facility, and while you are doing so, you can double the production speed.
    • It is usually effective from the beginning when the number of training centers is small.
    • It is advantageous for replenishment battles with slower production units, such as siege weapons and artillery gunners.
  • A university can have 20 academics on its own, and the number of academics in a mosque does not apply. Eventually, the 7 mosques were completed with 21 academics (but the siege weapons study group took about 2 minutes each), and when the necessary non-university research was completed, it was transferred to the university.
  • If even one university is staffed by academics, even if it is not built in a connected way, it is possible to build multiple universities because the research time is shortened for all of them.
  • With 0 people stationed at the university, each study took 15 minutes and 43 seconds. 2 minutes and 33 seconds for 20 people.

Because of these civilized characteristics, it is necessary to continue to make about 20 priests from the Dome of Faith (landmark) with 75 gold with the money obtained by holding down the Holy Land. 1500 gold. This is the cost of the property that all research is free.
The training time of the clergy is 45 seconds, so it takes 15 minutes to make it to accumulate 20 people. As a matter of fact, when the military is needed, the creation is interrupted, so there are tough situations where you can not turn university research well after entering the 4th grade.

  • I haven’t seen anyone use it, but the spearman moves at 2.5 during the forced march, making him the fastest in all units.
  • All infantry can build fences and fence gates by default, and if you make the 3rd evolution a defensive unit position, you can build stone walls and gates, which will increase the stone cost of the building by 75%.
  • In the end, the elephant siege attack is 103, but the attack speed is slower than the torch (population cost is 3). The cannon is 544 against buildings.
  • The movement speed of the elephant is 1 for the spear elephant and 0.88 for the bow elephant, so it can not keep up with all units.

AoE4 Delhi Sultanate Order List

Delhi Sultan Country Play Video

Land Generic Infantry Order

The default is to take a learning house with 3 evolutionary landmarks, and there is research on the attack power of the soldiers +3 there.
I’m thinking of a general-purpose order for a soldier main.

Things to consider…

Securing the Holy Land in Era 2 is a matter of securing one by one’s own strength, but in the case of a stray team match, there are many withdrawals from one’s own side, and if you try to secure more than one, it is a problem that you can not actively go because there is a concern that you will be crushed by 2 to 3 vs 1. Even if the Holy Land is on a single map. How best to move?

The scholarly garrison at the siege weapons training center is too strong, but if you swing it off that much, you will not be able to defend the weapon.

You can train people from the castle but research is slow, so domestic politics are slow. Should we do 2TC first rather than 1TC → Castle?

After the four evolutions, there are four studies of each facility and four studies of the ironworks, so the movement of scholars to university research is delayed and the military reinforcement is delayed by the opponent. Should there be four ironworks in the four evolutions?

Should elephants be released?

Fighting with 2 or 2TC and immediately 3, which one has the better chance of winning?

Infantry Stone Tower Haras Order

* In the 2022/4/7 update, the cost of stone walls has risen to 300, and the construction speed of walls has also been slower than the original.

Select a defensive position in the 3rd evolution, allowing the infantry to build stone walls, towers, and gates.
The strategy was to gradually attack with a stone wall tower of almost the same strength as Springard, and to maintain the advantage of the main army by harassing the enemy’s center and trading grounds with a small number of infantry with stone wall towers.

Era I

Immediately build a mill and a mosque.
It’s free, so press two studies of the mosque, including a study of a wheelbarrow in a mill.
When a mosque is built, only one scholar is automatically included in the first case, which increases the speed of research and unit development for all connected buildings.
For the first time only, it is cheaper for scholars to build a mosque with 100 wood than to cultivate it with 150 gold.
(By the way, the effective range of the mosque is not connected at home.) To connect it to the building you want to study later across the other buildings.
Outposts are not connected, and research speed is not increased. The forts are connected. )

Build a mill without sheep, have a gathering speed bonus, and harvest berries that increase the amount of resources around the mill.

After meat 7, shake it to the tree, and when it accumulates 50, it is gold 5 and the remaining meat, and 2 evolution is usually a dome of faith.
If you are willing to end with a serious rush and put the front line forward, can you also have a tower of victory?
The Tower of Victory is very powerful because it permanently increases the attack speed of infantry soldiers who approach even once, by 20%, but if you build it near the center of your own town, it is useless because there will be no soldiers coming there after the middle of the battle.
The Dome of Faith can train scholars at half the cost.

Reduce the gold to 2~3, and during evolution there is more wood.

(Due to the nature of the Delhi Sultanate where research is free but time consuming, it is important to build at least one building with research such as a logging station, a mill, a mining station, an iron works, etc., at least as early as possible to include research.) If you can afford to build an ironworks or university, you can build two or three houses and share the research. )

Era II

Normal countries keep making villagers, but in the Delhi Sultanate, if you choose a dome of faith, you keep making scholars from there, and the first mosque you build has three people first, and then you add a mosque and then three more.
Don’t forget to number the Dome of Faith 3 and so on.

All the research is free, so I do all of it, but the order of the mosque research should be changed by strategy.
First, cancel the research pressed in I that has not been completed.
Only the Delhi Sultan, even if you cancel, you can resume your research from the middle of the next time.
Since only the Delhi Sultanate can occupy the Holy Land in Age II, first of all, do research on the possibility of occupying the Holy Land, and if you occupy the Holy Land, even if it is neutralized up to 3, there is no worry that it will be regained. If you capture it, the gold will automatically increase (plus +50%), so even if you don’t aim for an occupation victory, you can save it.
Taking it will give your opponent pressure to form an army and take it back, so try to fence off the Holy Land and inflict damage on your opponent by putting in outposts and bows.

The Delhi Sultanate has no use for money other than academics in the age of 2, so the gold in the beginning is only for the Holy Land and 2 ~ 3 people.
If you can successfully secure multiple Holy Lands, that alone will help you raise the money you need to evolve.

Or, if you want to rush at 2 or send more troops to receive the rush, you can do it from the study where scholars can be stationed at the Soldiers’ Training Center (second in the case of the Holy Land). Army upgrades will be doubled in research and training.

As a civilization bonus for the Delhi Sultanate, infantry can build a stake fence in II, so they first start training spears or bows to match their opponents.
In II, you can only train spear archers and cavalrymen, so if you are dealing with soldiers and knights, you will probably be on the receiving end if you are an intermediate level or higher.
Build a palisade with infantry, build an outpost with the townspeople, and survive II.
However, if scholars can be stationed at each training center, the training speed will be doubled, and if there is a sacred place, gold diggers can be allocated to other people, so it is not bad to push the army with a golly push.

The 3 evolution is the Defense Force Position .
In the case of Hisaru Academy, you can increase the attack power of soldiers and lancers by 3 and add an active skill that runs at twice speed for 10 seconds to infantry, but I think it is probably more fun to do it if you can build a stone wall tower with infantry (if you don’t do it, Hisaru Academy is purely strong).

Age III.

In the civilization bonus of the Delhi Sultanate, after building the tower, there is free research to make the tower function the same as the town center, so build the tower. From there, we can extend our domestic politics. Once you put in the research, the tower from the second house already has the function of the center of the town.
Also, if the front line is not connected to your own mosque bonus area, don’t forget to build a mosque there as well. It is almost impossible to complete the project without increasing the research speed of the siege weapons training center, and the surplus scholars are put in the military training center to increase the training speed.
Or, if it is close to your own team, you want to build a breeding center or a logging pit in succession and connect it with your own bonus area.

Digging up stones, infantry build only three stone walls here and there at the front and where they are likely to be vandalized, and attach stone towers to build them.
The stone tower has exactly the same attack power as the Springard except for the slow attack speed, 60 and the armor is solid, so if you build it secretly in the center of the opponent’s town or near the resource site, for example, it will continue to bury the villagers with a single blow. It can also be relied upon on the clashing front of the main army.

It is also interesting to build a gate, and if you delete the gate as soon as the other infantry comes up, the opponent will be left behind on the wall.

The main army can be sent out according to the opponent’s class, but for example, spear + bow elephant + stone tower + trebuchet has siege power and is good.

Neither of the four evolutions is that powerful, so it can be either.

Age IV.

Research is slow, so build at least two universities. Note that there is no research speed bonus for mosques, and the research speed increases by the amount of scholars who enter the university. If all the internal affairs research is completed, all the scholars will be brought in and 20 people will be brought in.
All research and upgrades are free, so I do everything.

If you push, build a stone wall with infantry to divide the enemy. In the case of the confluence map, if you close the shallow waters, trade can also be stopped.

Upgrade the bow elephant to change the rider from bow to bow.
There are no unique units in the cannons, so they put out firing cannons and so on.
Only musketeers can get out of 4, so I don’t feel like the situation will get any better, but let’s do our best to add guns to the formation.
If you don’t dare to fight and save the elephant to the maximum population, you will not stop. However, I will leave it to you to judge whether it is a battle situation that allows it (I think it is impossible if it is an opponent of the same level).

River Order (Mongolian Plateau)

As of the April 7 patch, maps of islands and other areas of the sea have been eliminated from Quick Match, and the efficiency of fishing boats has declined,
so more people have not done the sea.
However, there are maps of the Mongol Plateau, confluences, Danube, Boulder Bay, etc.
The Delhi Sultan’s fishing boats can shoot arrows, so they are still strong in the early river auctions.

The confluence and the Danube were difficult to occupy due to the predominance of the sea due to the fact that fishing boats could not pass through bridges and shallow waters, but the Mongol Plateau is easy to occupy the whole area because the river is only between your own and the enemy’s camp.

Era I

Early farmers 4 begin cutting down trees without building a logging station.
One person sends them to the river to build one of the fastest harbors, and when they are finished, they catch fish.

From the center of the town first scout and gather the sheep together.
The rest is a continuous production of sheep by the townspeople (they don’t have the resources to build a mill).
The lumberjack alone builds a house and returns it to the sheep.

Lumberjack 3 adds a fishing boat every time a tree accumulates.
If there are farmers who catch fish and can afford it, fence the river.

Four meat and fish farmers remain, and all of them will be added fishing boats with wood.

House added.
Forced to study additional logging stations.
4. To gold.
Built a mosque and researched it all the way.
Build a mill and push all the research from the wheelbarrow.
The tree is made into 10 people and sent to meat.
When the money is about to accumulate 200, it is sent to two people and sent to meat.

Outpost construction in the port. If there is a port of the other party, there is also an outpost construction.
Unhindered by building during the time of I.

Vandalize the harbor close to you with Scout 2.

II. The evolutionary landmark is the Dome of Faith. Built by 8 people.

Construction of an infantry training center. Spear training begins.

Era II

The gold remains with the two.
Three people in Ishibori. → used to upgrade outposts that put pressure on the port.
Eight lumberjacks.
Leftover meat.

All possible research from II presses.

The French Hulk is strong, so if the first one comes out, put a spear in the bow and outpost of all the fishing boats, and even if the fishing boat is damaged, chase it and annihilate it.
If you have five troops in the outpost, you can definitely win.
The Hulk cost 540.

The army is a mounted man and a spear.
The training center is 3 infantry, 2 cavalry, and 1 ironworks.
Scholars still need a number of training grounds to use for research and the occupation of the Holy Land.

Lancers want to pressure the other side of the river to prevent them from building outposts and
occupy the river in Age II.
Whether you can occupy it may be the difference between winning and losing.

I also want to secure half of the Holy Land.

III. Evolution Landmarks are a house of learning.

Age III.

Build a fort across the river. The opponent will also build at the same time.
The opponent is a knight bow, this is a spear rider made in II, and from 3 a knight is made.

I would like to have the army accompany as many as three scholars.
The scholars of the Delhi Scottan have intrinsic technology of ⁺50% movement speed in III., and
the resilience of scholars who also include herbal research is tremendous.

When the fort begins to be built, it is difficult to catch fish in the river, so two additional town centers are added and the townspeople are switched.

Age IV.