AoE4 Ottoman Empire Build Order Information


Features of AoE4 Osman

  • Difficulty: ★★ ☆
  • 990 – 1566 AD
  • You can use AOE3’s card-like Imperial Conference System
  • Soldiers can be produced automatically from Era 1!! AOE is very popular as a rush country in past games
  • The gun unit Yenissaries are out of Era 3!
  • Drummer Buffs in the Taiko Legion
  • Large artillery has ranged attack and can garrison and fortify troops on all siege weapons

Osman’s introduction video

Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman civilization has benefited greatly from its military power, the Imperial Council system, and its own military school system.

In Age of Empires IV, Ottoman civilization spanned several years, from the pre-Ottoman Empire in the 11th century AD to the mid-16th century AD. Originating in Anatolia, the Ottoman Empire grew to become one of the longest-lasting empires in history with its effective and stable government, supported by well-trained and famous armies.

Playing the Ottoman Empire in Age IV

The Ottoman civilization relied heavily on military expertise to advance the battle to its advantage with production bonuses and the largest gunpowder siege weapons available.

The Ottoman Empire can appoint a powerful Vizier to the Imperial Council that gives you access to nine unique technologies. Each Vizier is earned over time by increasing production, and you’ll have to make strategic decisions when choosing which technologies to unlock.

Their unique military school system changes the way military units are produced and even allows certain military units to be produced without cost. This unique system allows the Ottoman Empire to have a larger army than other civilizations.

Overview of Ottoman Units

Great Bombard (Large Artillery Gun?) )

The Great Bombard is the most dominant siege weapon available in many civilizations, and it holds projectiles that can easily attack enemy walls and deal about 1,000 pounds of splash damage.

Although powerful but not properly defended, it is more likely to be destroyed than other siege units, resulting in significant economic losses.


Maeters is a unique equestrian warfare drummer unit that provides aura buffs to surrounding units.

This buff can be either attack speed, melee armor, or ranged armor. Only one buff can be applied at a time, but it can be switched after a short cooldown.


Siperhee is a fearless Light Raider Horseman unit that vigorously charges into battle. When a Fortitude ability is activated, it increases its attack power for a short period of time, but increases the damage it takes from melee attacks.

The timeless Ottoman Empire

Era I

From Age 1, the Ottoman Empire was able to build its own structures called the Military School. Military schools produce units for free, but at a much slower rate than usual. You can choose the type of barracks, stables, or archery range units to produce, and the military school will continuously produce them over time.

Era II

In Age 2, the Ottoman Empire accelerates its economy by choosing landmarks that help increase food and gold production. The Ottoman Empire began production of Sipahi and Mehter units, providing an early military force that would help the Ottoman Empire continue to exert its power for posterity.

Age III.

In Age 3, the Ottoman Empire can begin producing siege weapons through the Tofan Armory Landmark or use strategic options from the Imperial Council system to help expand the empire. Unique Janissary units (Ottoman civilization-specific hand cannonia) will also be available.

Age IV.

In Age 4, the Ottoman Empire has been fully produced to strengthen its military power. And with the choice of landmarks, the player will either increase the unit production speed or speed up the trader. With even more resources at their disposal, the Ottoman army can control the field and level enemy towns with the Great Bombard, the greatest siege weapon of its time.

More about AoE4 Osman

Ottoman Civilization Bonus

The Ottoman Empire continuously expands its army through military schools that produce units and dominates the battlefield. The highly trained army is supported by the battle drums of the Mehter, which carries the situation to the advantage.

Military School Training

You can build a military academy to continuously produce designated units for free. However, it slows down the production speed.

Imperial Conference

Experience points for earning Vizier Points can be earned by training units and progressing to the next Age. The higher the cost of the action, the more experience you will earn. Earn up to 5 Vizier Points and use them to unlock powerful and unique Osman bonuses.

Transportation Routes

Increases the movement speed of trading and transport ships.


Military installations built within the sphere of fire and university influence increase their production rates as time goes on.

Unique Units

  • Sipahi: An alternative to the cavalry. Activating the Indomitable Mental Ability will cause extra damage to ranged units, but will cause more damage from melee weapons.
  • Mehter: A mounted military band that switches the abilities of a military band to enhance the military power of nearby units.
    • Attack Drums: Increased attack speed
    • Proximity Defense Drum : Increased melee defense.
    • Combat Drum of Shooting Defense: Improved anti-fire armor.
  • Janissary: A powerful gunner who can repair siege weapons and inflict bonus damage on cavalry.
  • Ottoman Galley: A large military galley that can be turned into a floating military school.
  • Large Artillery Gun: The largest gunpowder siege weapon available. It has a long range and ranged damage attack.

Osman Imperial Council and Vizier System

By using the Eunuch Points, you can instantly transport units and get effects,
a unique system of Osman.

Earn up to 5 Vizier Points to unlock powerful and unique Ottoman bonuses.

Obtaining the Chancellor’s Experience

Experience points can be gained by training units and progressing to the next era, and the higher the cost of the action, the more experience you will gain.

Vizier Points

Click to open the vizier panel and use points.

Ottoman vizier panel
Name of the Imperial ConferenceConditionsEffect
accompanyVizier PointsIn the center of the historic building town appear 2 units of Imams. Imams restore the health of nearby units by 1 range per second.
Mehtel Battle DrumVizier PointsIn the center of the town of historic buildings the mehter spawns one. Mehter increases the movement speed of units incorporated into the same formation by +15%
The Hills of AnatoliaVizier PointsEight sheep will appear in the center of the historic building town, which will increase the mining speed of the villagers by +10%.
Military School BranchVizier Points, Level 1 Imperial Conference upgrade requiredBuild one more military school.
Siege factorsVizier Points, Level 1 Imperial Conference upgrade requiredAll siege weapons will allow infantry units (1 person) to be stationed. When stationed, the speed of attack and readiness is increased by 25%.
Trade BagVizier Points, Level 2 Imperial Conference upgrade requiredIncreases the amount of gold collected by the Merchant by +40%.
High-speed trainingVizier Points, Level 2 Imperial Conference upgrade required⁺ Increase the production of military schools by 25%.
Janissary TroopsVizier Points, Level 2 Imperial Conference upgrade requiredTwo units of Janissaries will spawn in each military school in the center of the historic town.
High SchoolVizier Points, Level 2 Imperial Conference upgrade requiredYou will be able to train military schools and Janissaries.
List of Ottoman Conferences

AoE4 Ottoman Evolution Landmark

Ⅰ→ⅡTwin Minale MedreseMeat 400 Gold 200 3 min 10 secIt serves as a powder mill. Four fruit bushes grow, the harvest is +50% faster. If the fruit bushes are depleted, they grow again after 120 seconds.
Sultanahani Trade NetworkMeat 400 Gold 200 3 min 10 secIt serves as a market. It is equipped with two merchants and produces 28 pieces of gold per minute for each merchant stationed there. A maximum of 6 merchants can be stationed.
Ⅱ→ⅢIstanbul PalaceMeat 1200 Gold 600 3 min 40 secAround historic buildings, the experience points of the Imperial Conference will be doubled, and the maximum number of Viscount Points will be increased by +2.
Mehmed Imperial ArsenalMeat 1200 Gold 600 3 min 40 secProduces siege weapons for free, but increases training time.
Ⅲ→ⅣIstanbul ObservatoryMeat 2400 Gold 1200 4 min. 10 sec.It serves as a university. Influence of universities and fireplaces +60
Seagate CastleMeat 2400 Gold 1200 4 min. 10 sec.Serves as a fort. All forts gain influence, increasing the movement speed of merchants and trading ships within range by +40% and armor by +10.
Ethnic SymbolsAzul Mosque6000 each 10 minutes 0 secondsLet’s defend the symbols of our nation and make victory a certainty. Other civilizations that have noticed the symbol of the nation should try to destroy it somehow.
Ottoman landmarks

AoE4 Osman Order List

Land General-Purpose Order

Osmans are quite difficult to handle.

Era I

Evolve normally with sheep and gold.
A military school can be built from I, but it is quite tough because it is 150 wood and 100 stone.

If it’s Rush, the army of Age 2 is meat and wood, so increase the meat collection speed at Twin Minale Medrese (don’t expect it because the strawberries that spring up are very slow), and if it’s 3 immediately, it’s the Sultan Hani trade network.

Era II

Build a cavalry training center and make the ironworks adjacent. Adjacent ironworks increases the speed of training soldiers, so choose a location with consideration for the expansion of training centers and military schools (so that there are no obstacles such as houses).

Unless you produce an army, you can hardly accumulate vizier points by training people in the city, so you send out an army with 2, and take 8 sheep + collection speed increase with vizier points in a quick attack.
If you are confident in Sipaaji’s vandalism, you may want to take the Mehter drum. At the same time that the Mehter effect gives you a soldier’s stats, accompanying you with a Mehter increases your movement speed by 15%.
There is probably no sound at the timing when the eunuch points accumulate, so make a habit of looking at the meter so that you can use it at the moment when it absolutely accumulates.

For military formation, Sipahee + Military Band (+ Spear) is recommended.

Siperhey has the skill of increasing the attack speed with the Q key and downing melee defense, so he is strong against bows and vandals.
Against France, he would lay down a little spear on his own flank and rough it with a siperk, so much so that the opposing knight would have to go down.
Don’t press the Q key by mistake when hitting with melee soldiers.

The 3 evolution is recommended by Mehmed Imperial Arsenal. This landmark can automatically produce siege weapons, and in age 4 it can produce large artillery guns for free.

The Istanbul Palace has a higher eunuch point cap, but from level 2 onwards of the vizier’s point level, it will strengthen trade and strengthen military schools other than the presence of siege weapons. Military schools feel that the speed at which soldiers come out is slow and subtle. For replenishment of mehter?

Age III.

To build an ironworks around the Mehmed Imperial Arsenal.
The speed of training around ironworks and universities increases with each passing era, so don’t forget to build around the training center.

Note that the Enissaries can be produced, but they are not very strong except against cavalry.
In addition, the training speed is also slow due to the musketeer system, so if you want to go with this, it is essential to build an extension of the training center.
Assuming the siege factor at the vizier’s point increases the attack speed by 25% by adding one soldier to the trebuchet or springard.
The Yenissaries can also repair siege weapons like city people, so they are good companions to protect siege weapons.

The Ottoman period III usually required the formation of knights and soldiers.

Age IV.

Production at the Mehmed Imperial Arsenal switched to large firing cannons (Roman).

Dark Rush Semi-Immediate III Order

From an Ossman point of view, I think this is also a good general-purpose order.
However, the Dark Rush part only stings those who are doing something outside the arrow in the center of town, such as the house around the gold in Mali, the Obo in Mongolia, the Tower Gate in China, the Aachen Chapel in HRE in some cases, the deer house in France, etc.

Still, it is better to base this order on the basis that even if you want to do III immediately, you can delay your opponent by vandalizing from the darkness for the time being with the free army, and even if the training is slow, the military school can make all the classes of the era (knights and enunissaries need eunuch points), so you can buy time while hitting counter units, so it is stable.

Build a military school from Era I and start automatic orders for spearmen.
Order to go to the house in Mali and the Mongolian Obo from the era 1.

Soldiers from the military academy are free, so you can thicken your internal affairs with 2TC, Instant III, etc.
The number and training speed of military schools in terms of evolution and vizier points, and the speed of training by having ironworks adjacent to each other will be given the highest priority.
However, since the military academy alone is of course not enough of the army, after entering the second class, it will be changed to a military class tailored to the opponent, such as cavalry, and its training center will also be built.

Era I

Houses → 5 stones (do not build mines), 50 to 50 initial stones and 1 piece of wood
when you get 100 stones, add 4 from the center of the city and then build a military school when you accumulate 150 trees
, make spears, and vandalize the gathering point by making buildings outside the range of the enemy’s arrows.
Soldiers from the military academy are slow to train and are valuable, so do not overdo it, but let them pull out when outposts are built.

When 50 trees accumulate, allocate 3 gold to the remaining meat and evolve. The landmark is the Sultan Hani trade network.
They use stones for military schools, town centers, and outposts, so they shake the stones with two people during evolution.
Pick trees with all your might.

Era II

The Sultanahani trade network initially has two merchants stationed inside, and up to six can be stationed there, so increase the number later when the battle settles down.

If the opponent is throwing a bow against the spear, the military school trains the sipahi. If you add only one mehter at the second time, you can strengthen your troops to the Ironworks Age III level.
If you are training an army, you will accumulate vizier points and level up, so you will increase the sheep 8 + gathering speed.
I would like to add more military schools and at least two training centers to suit the opponent’s military class.
Don’t be overconfident in military schools. But military school is always tough without MAX.
And be sure to build it around the ironworks. Around that, the growth rate increases with each evolution.

Continue to trolls with military school soldiers until the opponent is serious about creating an army, delaying the opponent’s entry into III.
With free troops and the Sultanahani trade network, you should still have resources.

If the battle in the Age II is prolonged, the level will increase again with the Eunuch Points, so use the Military Academy Branch School to make one more Military School.

The third evolution is the Mehmed Imperial Arsenal, which automatically trains siege weapons.

Age III.

Switched from military school training to military soldiers. Military schools up to the limit.
If you have accumulated vizier points, it is better to push it at once with the military school branch if you have not already taken it, or if you have already taken it, it is better to push it at once with the Janissary troops such as the siege factor.

The Inicherry is a short-range musketeer with bonus damage to cavalry, and is instantly killed because he receives a +50% damage bonus on his opponent’s bow attack. If the opponent is a bow main, don’t put it out too much in front and take care of it.
In addition, since the training is slow for musketeers, the number of training centers is quite necessary.

Free trebuchets etc. will come out from the Mehmed Imperial Arsenal, but this is also slow, so build a training center.
We will use abundant resources to make 2TC 3TC and so on.

From 3, knights can be trained normally, so it is the main.
Mehter makes sure to have three people present at all times, each with increased attack speed, melee defense, and indirect defense.

4 Evolution is the Istanbul Observatory.
The Istanbul Observatory functions as a university and has a very wide range of influence, so we would like to build a training center around here, and if possible, build it on the front line.

If trade is already turning, there is also Seagate Castle.

Age IV.

The only class that will increase in the 4 evolution is a large firing stone cannon, so attack with upgraded soldiers in the same way as in Basic III.

If there is a surplus of vizier points, it can be converted from the military school to train knights and enrichers.