AoE4 Rus Build Order Information


This page explains the civilizational characteristics of Rus and the operation procedure (order) by operation.

Features of AoE4 Rus

  • Difficulty: ★★ ☆
  • The fastest place to get money by hunting animals with scouts etc.
  • II. Knight, III. Archery Cavalry, IV. Streltsi Strong unique units in each era
  • The Monks Romance Unit Springard has a longer range than other civilizations.


Rus are very skilled hunters and are familiar with nature. Buoyed by battle-ready cavalry, Rus become more powerful as they expand over time to new frontiers.

In AoE4, the Rus civilization tells the story of a fledgling empire sandwiched between powerful opponents from 882 to 1552 above. Hardened by devastating invasions, political unrest and harsh winters, Rus was built to survive. Masters of hunting, trade, and wooden architecture, they rebuilt their territory as their leaders fought to give birth to a new empire under Moscow.

In Age of Empires IV you will experience the Rus civilization through four eras that depicted distinct moments of history. In period I, the Norman and North influenced traditional Slavs. In the period II, the golden age of Rus influenced by the Byzantines. In period III, the collapse of Mongol influence. And in Era IV, the rise of the Grand Duchy of Muscovy.

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AoE4 Rus Official Video

Short introduction to the Lu clan
Rus vs. Delhi Sultanate PvP Commentary

Play Rus

As a skilled hunter, playing Rus means the wilderness is under your command. They enjoy significant benefits from their surroundings, especially in gathering resources to quickly build a strong economy.

The enemy facing the Rus will find it difficult to interfere with their growth. They earn a steady gold income from a hunting lodge that acts as a standard gristmill, and earn a unique bounty score when defeating animals in the field. Using the bounty system, players can earn gold by defeating animals on the map. This contributes to the player’s total bounty… As it increases, so does the food harvest and the hunting lodge’s gold winning rate.

Rus’ powerful early game defensive features make them admirable enemies in the early days. Instead of an early access wall there is a powerful palisade, access to knights starting from period 2, and a wooden fortress (improved outpost) with unique technology. Their unique influence provides more timber when a woodcutter’s was built near a wooden fortress.

When it comes to combat, the Rus are known for their mounted monks who can buff surrounding units. and Strelitsi, a powerful gun unit. The unique peculiarities of the Rus civilization provide a lively challenge to those who want to take advantage of its advantages.

AoE4 Rus Units


A monk is a military-oriented support unit that improves the combat capabilities of nearby units after an attack. They can pick up relics, convert enemy units, and capture the Holy Land.


The Archer Cavalry is a unique ranged cavalry unit available in Castle Age. They are highly maneuverable and effective against slower melee units.


Streltsi is a high-damage, light-gunpowder infantry unit with a high rate of fire when stationary. They employ a powerful giant axe against melee attackers!

AoE4 Rus Age Evolution

Era I

The Rus have immediate access to a hunting cabin (a unique structure) and an improved version of the mill that generates gold based on the number of trees nearby. Mills also produces scouts.

Unique Technology: Castle turrets increase the damage of arrows fired from the wooden fortress, Rus’ own improved outpost.

Era II

Landmarks: One of the two landmarks that lead the Rus to the Second Age, the Golden Gate allows the Rus to grow their economy further. The landmark acts as a trade building, where resources are traded at a more favorable rate compared to the normal trade market.

Unique Units: Lodya TradeShip and LodyaAttackShip will be available. Lodya’s ships can be converted into other types of ships.

Age III.

Landmarks: Rus’ abilities with Warrior Monk are enhanced at the Trinity Monastery, one of the landmarks that made Rus three years old. This landmark will serve as a monastery and will produce Warrior Monk at a low cost and will house these unique upgrades units.

Unique Technology: The duration of blessings available in the monastery increases the duration of the blessing ability of the saint of Warrior Monk.

Age IV.

Landmarks: As one of the landmarks that will lead the Rus to their final days, Higher Armory offers additional upgrades for siege units and cost savings for creating nearby siege workshops.

Unique technology: Siege crew training in the High Armory allows you to instantly set up and disassemble Trebuchet and Mangonell.

Rus Civilization Bonus

Forest Association

Strengthen your defenses with wooden fortifications and improved pile fences. Woodcutters within the sphere of influence of a wooden fortress can get more wood from the resources brought by the townspeople.

Hunting aristocrats

Competent scouts are produced in special hunting lodges, which allows for self-sufficiency. Hunting lodges not only have all the advantages of a flour mill, but also produce gold.

Druzhina SS

Ahead of other civilizations, you can send armored knights to the battlefield (from 2).

Civilization Bonus

  • Produce gold and increase the rewards you can get from animals.
  • With high rewards, you can get a lot of food from every source.
  • Early knights can be trained from the time of the lords.
  • The physical strength of the pile fence is doubled.
  • Build a hunting lodge – an improved version of the mill that can produce scouts. Produce gold from nearby forests.
  • Fishing boats will no longer have to return to the port to unload food.
  • influence
    • Wood brought back from logging stations built within the influence of the wooden fortress + 20%.

Unique Units

  • Strelitsi: Firearm units of era 4. Static placement enhances combat power. High melee attack. It can be cultivated at a low cost.
  • Monks: Stimulate nearby units during battle, giving bonuses to armor and damage.
  • Rodiya ships: Can be converted to any type of ship.
  • Archers and Cavalry: Era 3. Because it was cheaper and faster to train than the Mangudai, Rus’s quick three-archer trooper vandalism became popular all at once.


Stone walls and defensive facilities attached to stone walls cannot be constructed.

Evolution Landmarks


KremlinMeat 400 Gold 200It serves as a wooden fortress with “narrow space", “turret" and “castle lookout" technology.
Golden GateMeat 400 Gold 200You can trade resources at a favorable exchange rate.
An additional exchange is generated every minute.
(The number of times it can be exchanged is charged every minute, and you can exchange 100 of meat, wood, and stone for 150 gold, or 100 of gold for 150 of others, so it is easy to adjust resources while gaining profits!) )


Great merchantMeat 1200 Gold 600It produces gold in the same way as a hunting lodge (yield ⁺200%).
Every 60 seconds a deer appears.
Villagers can store food in this building.
(Adjacent to the forest, trees can be cut and 120 gold can be produced per minute at 500 bounty.)
Trinity Monastery Meat 1200 Gold 600 It serves as a monastic place. You can produce monks at half the cost. It also has unique religious technologies.


Spaskaya TowerMeat 2400 Gold 1200It has all the weapon positions and acts as a tower with improved health.
In addition, Rus will be able to build stone walls, towers, and stone wall gates.
Large Armoury Meat 2400 Gold 1200 Siege weapon cost of a nearby siege weapons workshop – 20%. It has unique siege weapon technology.

Ethnic Symbols

Tsar Cathedral3000 each of the flesh and wood gold stones

About bounties

When the Rus defeat animals other than sheep, they receive a “reward" at the same time as gold, which is displayed numerically above the population.
You get 5 bounties, 10 deer, 25 wolves, and 75 wild boars.
If you go to defeat the deer of the enemy line or use the friendly deer in the team battle, you can reach 500 in Age II.

If you accumulate bounties, you will get bonuses in the 100 250 500 stages.
You can see it by hovering over the number of bounties above the population.
Saving up to 500 increases the villagers’ food collection speed by 15% and increases the speed at which hunting lodges generate money.

AoE4 Rus Order Information

Land Generic Order


Rus Land Generic Order

Era I

Start a continuous regeneration of the people of the city. The meeting point is sheep.

In Early Town Man 2, a hunting lodge is booked adjacent to a tree near the meat, → a house near the center, and appropriately numbered in the hunting lodge for scouting.
People in other cities are sheep.

As soon as the hunting lodge is built, scouts are produced. Be careful not to do it if you put too many queues of people in the city, but if the initial operation is slow here and the sheep catching is delayed, the continuous production of the townspeople will stop for a moment, so do not stop.
Scout to gather sheep and hunt them as soon as you find them to get 10 gold for every deer you kill. If there are wolves, attack them and kill them, or if there are more than one, take them to the center.
AoE3 players, it’s okay! AoE4 meat does not rot.

Both the initial scouts and the created scouts are numbered, and they go to hunt all the deer on the map separately.
You can collect money with deer, so once you get used to it, it’s better to put out a third one.

As soon as you have accumulated 150 gold in deer hunting, you will start researching the wheelbarrow.
Continue to hunt deer and hunt everything on the map.

It is assumed that the gold necessary for evolution will also accumulate with this, but if it is unlikely that the deer can be hunted sufficiently due to the opponent’s measures, we will judge it quickly,
cut the tree and start mining with the people in the city.
In the worst team battles, you can also get paid by going to scout all the sheep gathered in the center of the city on your side.

200 gold, 400 meat accumulate and evolve.
If it’s Rush, the Kremlin is at the front, but here we took internal control and built the landmark of the Golden Gate near the center to go to the era II.

Leave four people in the flesh and cut the tree with all your might. House added.
If possible, it would be nice to have enough money to be able to do professional scouting research without using trade, but if there is none, allocate people according to the money that is not enough for gold digging,
or make a decision to use trade (give up the second house in the center of the city).

Era II

The first forestry study of the logging station is done immediately, as it cuts down standing trees twice as fast.
Press the study of occupational scouts (formerly: professional scouts).
After pushing, add up to 6-7 scouts from the hunting lodge without stopping the serial production of people in the city.
When the research is over, scouts will take venison back and forth to the center.

If you aim for the 3rd era immediately, take wood gold with more meat, sell wood by trading at the Golden Gate, buy meat if necessary, etc. and aim for 3.

Also, since AoE4 can be built from the time II,
if you have a Suki, use the Golden Gate trade to take 300 stones and add 400 trees + 300 stones to add the center of the town.

Don’t stop the villagers from creating anyway.

If you build a wooden fortress with 175 trees near the logging station, it will be cut down ⁺ 20%, so actively build in places where trees are cut outside the central defensive area. Remember, once built, you can expand the range of influence by building additional logging stations within the scope of influence.

Pile fences have twice the HP, so be sure to build them against Mongolia.

If you’re going to fight in II, build an ironworks and do remote defense research, and Rus can have knights in Age II,
so if your opponent has a spear, a knight + bow configuration is good.

Scouts should discover the location of the trading post. You may want to send a few villagers to build a market and secure the edge of the map far from the trading posts.

Age III.

Due to the fast movement speed of the monks, they secure more or all of the holy relics than their opponents.

Also, don’t forget to upgrade your knight.
In addition to knights, archers are cheap and can be served in large quantities. To accompany knights and trolls.

Knights + Archers are quite difficult to break apart, so siege weapons or infantry are required.

Age IV.

Streltsi is cheaper than other country’s musketeers, and while fighting without moving, the rate of fire increases, so increase it firmly.

3 Rus Archery Cavalry Order

Buy and sell 2-3 scouts, Golden Gate, take no wasted resources, do 3 immediately in 8 minutes, and mass-produce archery cavalry.
The attack power is high for the bow, and except for the longbow, it can win the cost and can be drawn. Vandalism performance is also outstanding.

Age II Knights

Because of the money that can be obtained from deer hunting, the number of knights produced immediately after rising to the second level of the era is not inferior to that of France.
With this advantage, Rus seem to be strong starting from vandalism and gaining the upper hand.
The author is not good at cavalry operation, so it has not been verified.

Pro Scout Immediately Secures All 3 Holy Relics

A professional scout is the study of the farthest right side of the powder grinder. Scouts can carry deer.
Although it has been meta since around the Winter Update of December 2021 not only in Rus but in all civilizations, Rus can train as many scouts as they want from hunting lodges without stopping the production of people in the center of the city, and most of the gold digging necessary for immediate 3 can also be obtained by deer hunting. As a result, it is possible to limit the inland to the area around the center of the city, making it difficult to vandalize internal affairs, and it has become the most professional scout and advantageous civilization.
Also, against Aachen Evolution Rome, which also has the advantage of professional scouts, if it is a quick three-game victory, Rus whose priest is a horse can secure all the holy relics. The Regnitz Order of Rome can be completely nullified.

At the beginning of the season, build a hunting lodge and send out at least 4 scouts, and once you get used to the maneuvers, put out about 6 to secure most of the sheep on the map.
And securing money by deer hunting.

II. With evolution (digging if you don’t have enough money) Research in the order of professional scouting and hunting.
Bring all the deer on the map back to the center of your city (actually, the Pro Scouts are currently meta, so their opponents will come, but Rus has an advantage in terms of the number of scouts). The more you bring back here, the sooner you will have an advantage in domestic politics because you will speed up the opponent’s field.

If you enter III before your opponent and take out the clergy III and prioritize taking the relics from the opponent, the probability of securing all of them is high.
It may depend on the map, but there are about 6 for 2 to 2 and 8 for 3 to 3.

If the army is mainly a cavalry archer, the people of the city will shake off the meat tree and go to the population of 200 first.