AoE4 England Cheats Order List


This page explains the characteristics of civilization in England and the operation procedure (order) by operation.

Features of AoE4 England

Difficulty: ★ ☆☆

  • It is a simple system close to AoE so far, and it is recommended for beginners because it is hard to defend with civilization characteristics
  • Only in England does the bell ring when the enemy approaches, really recommended for beginners
  • Longbow Rush, which allows Longbow to double speed from landmarks of I.→II., is fiercely strong (well, there is) if there is no knight in the opponent, and can be further strengthened with a citadel net.
  • The training of military soldiers is extremely fast from era 1 to 15 seconds, and meat collection is also fast with field bonuses
Graphics of towns in England.

England (Great Britain), which appeared in Age of Empires II, III, and III 😀 E, also competed in Age of Empires IV.

This time, too, the historical background is the same as in II, so the "Longbow" with a long range is featured.
I remember England being at the top of the civilization selection throughout the series and being designed as the most standard nation, but how did it evolve in AOE4?

Let's take a look.

What is AOE4 England?

England is a fierce defender of Age of Empires IV. Its strength is unparalleled and is enhanced by the power of bow units, the firm management of castles and defensive buildings, and a reliable food economy that maintains them throughout the ages.

The English civilization of Age of Empires IV spanned 850~1555 in Great Britain during the Anglo-Saxon period. You will move from the Middle Ages and witness the late Renaissance and the story of the 16th century, the civilizations that survived the fall of empires, conquerors, and plagues.

Age of Empires IV has built English civilization across four eras: Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, English Gothic, and Tudor. Each era had a distinctive style, from architecture to armor, and the population spoke Old English in the Dark Ages and evolved into Early Modern English by the Imperial Period.

Official website Japanese translation from England introduction

Bow and defense, bonuses to meat.
You can find out more about it below.

Playing England

You can see the archery training center and the manor house.

Playing as England in Age IV opens the door to some key advantages, creating an exciting battleground for resources and victory.

The English have access to cheaper fields compared to other civilizations, giving them a reliable food source for upgrades and greatly expanding their army throughout the game.

The English Army specializes in a network of castles. Town centers, outposts, towers, and forts will alert you when enemies approach, prompting nearby troops and defensive structures to fire faster in a short period of time. Their fort can produce all units and allows the English defence to reign supreme in the game.

The Longbowman is a unique unit of England and a unique improvement of the Archer nation in other civilizations. Longbowman has an advantage in ranged combat due to its long range, and can take advantage of significant upgrades.

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The meat bonus was a cheap field.
Fields adjacent to the mill have a collection speed bonus.
Defensive buildings such as town centers, outposts, and towers increase the attack speed of nearby soldiers.
The reason why the longbow has more reinforcements than bows from other countries is because it is a unique unit, so it is probably so.
However, unlike the AoE3, it is not the age of guns, so the long range of the bow is quite an advantage, isn't it?
What's more, Longbow has three skills that can be activated manually.

AOE4 Units in England


The English villagers are humble units of civilization and the key to starting a strong economy. They have light combat abilities with ranged bow attacks.


The Longbow is an unparalleled archer unit, and its long range and powerful upgrades make it a powerful enemy on the battlefield.

The active ability to stun cavalry is activated with the Q key.

Military Soldier

The English are sturdy infantry units and have +2 research available and more armor upgrades thanother civilizations.


It is interesting that the villagers also seem to have weak longbow characteristics.
A soldier is an infantry swordsman with a shield. You can put it out as a dawn soldier from the time of 1 to a whopping 1. It is also possible to make it a little thicker for internal affairs and start saving from I. Usually, soldiers are from the age of 3, so it is a considerable advantage.
But I didn't see that operation during the stress test.
There were a lot of people who were 3 semi-III evolutionaries in the time they earned exclusively from longbow vandalism.
Longbow has a really long range, and in a country without soldiers, it's really tough to deal with vandalism if you don't build a tower and keep 100 trees in place.

New units from Season 4 (February 16, 2023)


King of England

Powerful king, powerful heavy cavalry unit. Restores the HP of nearby units by 2/sec.
It can be raised from the Monasteries of Kings.

Wingard Infantry

Wingard Infantry

Soldiers with high health and protection against penetrating attacks

  • Slow movement
  • Not good at crossbowmen

It has a higher stat than a soldier and an anti-cavalry bonus.
In the Full Forge and Research upgrades, soldiers have +2 higher close defense.
It can be raised from the Wingard Palace.

Wingy Ranger

Wingy Ranger
  • A skilled longbow soldier with high range and damage. Effective against unarmored enemies.
  • Long range
  • Build a reverse tree to prevent cavalry charges
  • Slow movement speed
  • Bad at cavalry

It is an enhanced version of the longbow, which has a longer range than the stone thrower. It can be raised from the Wingard Palace.

AoE4 Age Evolution in England


Era I

At the time of Age I, British civilization focused on building resources through the expansion of agriculture. With the cheaper fields available in England, Era I is the perfect time to establish a prosperous economy that will last through the ages.

Council Hall

Era II

The powerful and versatile Longbowman will be available in Age II.
One of the landmarks of the Age II council hall will enable the production of longbows (more powerful archery ranges) faster in Age II and a powerful military expansion can begin.

Age III.

A breathtaking fort, the White Tower is one of the landmarks available in the Age II.
It strengthens England as a defense power in the era III. The fort has upgrades available to produce infantry, cavalry, and siege units, leading the English army to an indestructible army.

Age IV.

In Age IV, English farms offered benefits and even siege bonuses. A slower but more stable gold income.
One of the landmarks that will take you to the Final Age, Berkshire Palace adds an indomitable defensive lineup by acting as a fort with a wide range of weapons. In this last era, English civilization has the power to prevail on the battlefield.


As for the red letters, it is doubtful whether it is true, but if it is an official sentence, it seems to be a farm recommendation from the era I.
There are bonuses if you build around the mill.
Longbows can be grown from landmarks as well as regular training grounds, which can help quickly align early armies.
It seems that there are at least two landmarks of the castle system, and the defense seems to be stiff.

AOE4 English Civilization Bonus

Citadel Network

  • When you spot an invader, you'll defend your stronghold with Town Centers, Outposts, Towers, and Keeps, which increase the attack speed of nearby units by 15%.
  • Research the technology of the castle tower to the fort network to further increase the attack speed to +40%.

Productivity of the fort

  • Forts have unique abilities that allow them to raise any military unit.

Armed convocation

  • Dawn soldiers available in the Dark Ages. The speed of production of English soldiers +50%.

Farm Island

  • It reduces the amount of wood needed to make a field by 50%.
  • Increased efficiency within the mill's sphere of influence (10%/15%/20%/25%, per era).

Defensive Fortress

  • A tower of the Dark Age (First Age) with clear soldiers who are heavy infantry. Villagers fight with bows and arrows, not farm implements. Town centers shoot twice as many arrows as usual at nearby enemies.

Civilization Bonus

  • The cost of wood in the field – 50%. The rate of gathering of fields near the milling hut +15%.
  • Clear soldiers can be trained in the Dark Ages (the First Age).
  • Equipping a short bow improves the combat power of the villagers.
  • Town Centers, Outposts, Towers, and Castles bring a Citadel bonus and increase siege speed by 15% for all units under their influence.
  • The number of arrows fired from the center of the town doubles.
  • Range of warships +1.


  • Gathering rate of fields built within the influence of the mill + 15%.

Unique Units

  • Longbow Soldier: A long-range archer. You can set up reverse turf trees to defend yourself more effectively from cavalry.

AoE4 England's Era Evolution Landmark

Ⅰ→ⅡCouncil BuildingMeat 400 Gold 200Includes the Longbow Soldier's production speed +100% at this historic building and
the Longbow Soldier upgrade.
King's Monastery Meat 400 Gold 200 Restores +4 of all nearby non-combat allied units every 1.5 seconds.
Ⅱ→ⅢWhite TowerMeat 1200 Gold 600It has all the features, technology, units and bonuses of the tower.
Royal palace Meat 1200 Gold 600 It has all the features, technology, units and bonuses of the city center.
Ⅲ→ⅣBerkshire PalaceMeat 2400 Gold 1200It has all the features, technology and bonuses of the tower. Berkshire Palace has a 50% longer range and twice as long.
Wingard Palace Meat 2400 Gold 1200 The Winguard Army, consisting of soldiers, spearmen, longbow soldiers, and throwaway trebuchets, is produced.
Ethnic Symbols4000 each, no stones requiredLet's defend the symbols of our nation and make victory a certainty. Other civilizations that have noticed the symbol of the nation should try to destroy it somehow.
English Evolution Table

England strengthened with update 7 April 2022

In the Season One Update on April 7, 2022, England has been strengthened overall, such as increasing the speed of training troops and increasing the initial tree by 50.

England H2H (1vs1) tips

A note on H2H since England started against Rate.
The rate is around Gold II.
Basically, 2TC (a tactic to make the center of the city in the first half of the era) was successful immediately after entering 3.

1v1 is basically absolutely a fight in II, and if you get into III first, you win by upgrading your troops + 3 studies on armor, and you never made it to 4.

If you fight on your own side, there is a risk that your internal affairs will be cut or stopped, so be sure to push the battlefield up to the vicinity of the enemy line with vandalism that makes use of the longbow, defeat the villagers, and delay evolution and military deployment by allocating resources to the outpost.
Depending on the opponent, you will mix up the military department that protects the longbow.

If you continue to gain an advantage and increase the longbow, the enemy soldiers will also be hit with a salvo.

vs. Rus

Even if the opponent is a knight, it is OK to have a lot of soldiers at the fastest speed.
If you win by 2, you can add a longbow. If you make a spear, you will be immediately reversed by the III Archery Cavalry.

Against the Holy Roman Empire

First of all, you can use a longbow, but if you come with a soldier, you can also guess a decent army soldier.
If you are a soldier of 2, the status is the same, and the training is faster on the English side.

v. Abbasid dynasty

If you don't bring out the cavalry, add a bow training center and make a longbow and what an image.

vs. France

If you devote too much resources to combating knight vandalism, the difference will only open.
2 Build a soldier training camp during the evolution, and feel like you can start spear training right away, and always go to the position where you can vandalize the longbow mixture with the French knight in a state where you can maintain the spear superiority. If nothing is done, France will be able to make a difference because it has a domestic policy bonus.
If I can afford it, I will increase the field little by little and this is also with the consciousness of domestic policy bonus.

v. Delhi Sultanate

The army training center for academics is twice as fast, so if you enter III first, knights or soldiers will be trained rapidly and killed at once.

There are many people who aim to get into III by buying time in the Holy Land, so if you are not confident in the operation, you want to build an outpost in the front Holy Land as soon as possible. If you delay even a little, the opponent will also be fenced off and a position will be built in front.
Since we are going to build multiple basic mosques, buildings tend to come out of the arrow in the center, so it is better to keep pushing with the soldiers and the longbow.

If you enter III first, if you are a knight alone, it is not compatible with elephants, so you need a knight, but I recommend mixing soldiers.

vs. China

II. Landmark is a big outpost, so it is harder than other countries, but if it is a domestic political battle, you will definitely lose,
so you will relentlessly go around in the direction of vandalism. If you can defeat an official, you can win the army, so be conscious of the direction where the training center is located and the direction where the domestic government official is.

vs. Mongolia

Note the number of soldiers you make out of stone.
If we don't add a breeding center and increase production, we will be killed by Tower Rush.
Earlier than the army, tower peasants arrive in the middle of the second or early stages, so put the scouts in patrol mode on both sides.

Don't lose out on numbers.

vs. England

If you lose by the number of longbows, you lose. If you lose, be sure to draw.
Since it tends to be a battle with the number of bows, when the number of longbows is completed, it is necessary to divide it in half by numbering and micro (detailed operation) such as defeating two people for each shot.
The first horse soldier to seal the bow and then the soldiers. If you come out with a spear, a longbow.
It is important to determine whether the opponent is a soldier from the first move.

AoE4 England Order List

Longbow Rush comes up again and again in the play video

Longbow Rush Order

A beginner would have been hunted at one time, is a longbow rush.
Because the range is extremely long, if there are no knights on the other side, you can easily hunt peasants.
If the opponent lands during landmark building evolution, it will be gg.

Era I

Build 1 house, 7 sheep, build a miner, 3 gold, and let the sheep work uninterruptedly to produce and work the villagers.

After collecting 3 early sheep, scouts gather sheep near the center and return 1 ~ 2 times, and scout enemy lines when enough is taken.

II. Evolution is the Parliament House. If it is built by 5 people, it will be in the low 4 minutes range.

Even during evolution, the townspeople produced it without interruption, reduced it to gold 1 and allocated it appropriately to meat and wood. The second house, if the trees near the center are gone, the logging house. 2022/4/7 With 50 more early trees in Apde, we will first build a logging station.

Era II

As soon as evolution is complete, longbow production begins to turn. The meeting point is a little before the enemy line.
If you find a knight or cavalry training camp in the scouts, do not charge but go to the infantry training center and produce spears.
If there are no knights, they will continue to interfere with their work,
aiming at the logging and gold digging points near the center of the town from the last minute and hunting villagers without falling within the range of the central arrow.

The production of the villagers must not be stopped. Longbow can also defeat infantry, and if you are superior in numbers to your archers, you will not be defeated first, so you can continue to vandalize until there is a sign of a knight.
If you do research at an ironworks for a longbow, you can make a battered castle hammer, so if you can afford it, stop the longbow and make 1 ~ 2 battered mallets and stuff them.

Longbow has the skill to build a fence in his position with the Q key, prevents the knight from charging and deals damage, and can stun for 2.5 seconds, so
if you are in a position to rough it well,
you can build a fence.
Note that this fence will disappear when the longbow moves.

If you also take advantage of the fact that being around the outpost increases the attack speed, you can also go to the front line.

However, even if it is 4 to 1, it feels like you can not beat a knight, so if you are going to fight, prepare enough spears.

If you feel that there are more archers than the other archers, build 2 or 3 infantry training centers and switch to military soldiers.
Only England can train soldiers in 15 seconds instead of 22 seconds, so it is fast enough to produce 5 cases in 4 cases.
If the number of bows is maintained, it is a good idea to review the resource gathering allocation of the townspeople and switch to soldiers.

If you're pushing hard enough to squeeze the center of your opponent's town, Evolution will build the White Tower as a resource point within the arrow's reach of the enemy's center,
otherwise the Royal Palace will replace the center of the city.

Age III.

If you're able to evolve before your opponent, send the trebuchet to the front with the highest priority.
The unique study of the armor ⁺ 2 of the soldiers is also strong as a wall, but if you have a lot of bows of the opponent, you can switch to knights.

Only in England are trees cheaper and more efficient around the mill, so let's build them in the following form:
畑葉 葉 敕 FieldField

If you study the citadel network in the White Tower or fort, the attack speed of the soldiers around the center, outpost, and fort will increase even more (if there are enemies), so don't forget to do your research and always build outposts and forts on the front lines.
England is a country where infantry can't create trebuchets or springards, but all units can be created from the fort, the White Tower, and you can produce siege weapons from there.
Once a fort is built on the front lines, the siege weapons craftsmen (training centers) can only be built for research.

Age III of England was a tough time when fighting with the same soldiers, especially since there are no unique units or characteristics that are particularly different from other countries.
Don't forget the flour mill in the fields, the fort net bonuses of outposts and forts.

The fourth evolution is even stronger when the Berkshire Palace is a long-range fort and becomes a turret.
The Wingard Palace is also good for the Wingard Army's costa, but it does not have a defensive function like a fortress in itself, it is easy to be crushed, and the cultivation is slow at more than 1 minute, so it is difficult to use.

Age IV.

If you put in the research of enclosure agriculture in the mill, for each field, 3 seconds? One piece of gold will come in each time.
If you continue to use bows, you can quickly build a university and study salvo fire at the Fire and Arrow Training Institute.
The salvo skill is a manual skill to select a longbow and press the button, so press it every certain amount of time.

Research on explosive bombs in the far throw thrower seems to have been enhanced in Apde, but it still feels subtle.
→ correction: It can be mass-produced cheaply from the Wingard Palace, and it is very strong even against cannons.

Soldier Rush Order

After the April 2022 Ranked Season Impressions

England received a bonus of 15 seconds while other nations trained 22 seconds.

Era I

Perhaps because of this, he often hits England in ranked matches, but if he loses England vs England,
whether it is 1TC or 2TC, the opponent will always stick the field from era 1.
The tree seems like a waste, but the +15%/+20%/+25%/+30% of the bonus around the mill in England is stronger than any other study, so it seems like a mast to use (it goes well with wheelbarrow research).

The opening house, the logging yard, and the wood are also started immediately by two people
in the production town and the gold digging (to finish collecting the 200 necessary for evolution as soon as possible with vandalism countermeasures, and 150 gold for wheelbarrows if not vandalized, and for military personnel)
As soon as there is too much wood, the first field → flour mill → field will be added.

The landmark is the Auditorium.

Era II

If you are a soldier only, you can start with 2 huts, and by 11 minutes you have 3 huts.
All trees should be housed, fielded, and milled.
(If the opponent is England in Longbow Maine, if you are using a citadel net,
you can't return it in two huts at 10 minutes.)
The wheelbarrow is the first research to be done in 2.
Next up is the upgrade of the soldiers when the resources are opened.

At 8 minutes → 11 minutes (one villager is attacked in the early stages) Estimated
warrior hut 2→3 Outpost 1→2 Flour mill 1→2

Field 8→ 10
Wood 11→ 6
Meat 14→24 (The difference from the field is sheep) Gold 4→ 4
Army soldiers→ 5→14 (3
divert the opposing army as soon as it is ready, and vandalize wood or gold)

Forge 1→1 (bow defense completed, in close proximity defense research)
House 4→6

As of the 11th minute, they have started to rotate three huts, and ideally, the soldiers stored in their own camp should have exceeded the number of troops of the opponent, and if the number of troops has exceeded that of the forge research, it will turn to counterattack.
The English soldiers are quick to train, so if they are spinning around with a lot of resources, the number of troops will probably be able to win eventually.

There are almost no opponents who can lose in Age II among the well-numbered and strengthened soldiers, so if the army hits, defeat them, and even if they are drawn to the TC, if the opponent's outpost is one, they will eat into the TC and stop the opponent's internal affairs and defeat the townspeople.
As long as your own army has a little remaining and can annihilate the opponent, it is OK. If the opponent is 1TC, you can switch to III. Evolution Full Power by winning domestic politics, and if it is a trebuchet or a long throw trebuchet from the White Tower, if it is 2TC, you can move to the Battering Hammer because it will be troublesome if it is resurrected, or you can do it with all your strength 3.

In order to pack up without letting up at 3, the landmark (even if you build it in your own camp) seems to be the White Tower (because it is a castle and at the same time the resources for the siege weapons training center float).

Age III.

First of all, if you have the upper hand, it is essential to monitor the number of troops of the opponent and add them so that you do not lose in numbers. You don't have to go deep into TC until you have an overwhelming advantage in the arrival of stone-throwing or fort building.

You can take a trebuchet out of the White Tower and send it to the front, and if you're winning, you'll want to build a fort just outside the reach of the opponent's TC arrows (if you build it, the opponent will throw it. )

England 2TC Order Immediately

I often see people of this order.

England is easier to defend than other countries because it doubles the attack power of the town center and increases the attack speed of nearby troops if attacked.
2 During evolution, it is a tactic to shake off wood and stone and first make the center of the town into two houses.
If you continue to produce villagers from two town centers, your internal political power will be double that of your enemy (if your opponent didn't do 2TC), and the field bonus will be tremendous, so you can bounce back from there and win.

How to return a rush

Basically, it is difficult to return rush from an inferior position, and it requires manipulation skills.
So keep the following in mind:

  • Build a second TC to protect against resource gatherings that can't be covered in the first.
    • It is easier to defend if it is close to the first attack and the extent to which it will be hit.
    • The center of the first house is stronger with a capacity of 20 (after the second house, if there are 10 people and 0 people, there will be no arrows), so if a rush of rush is expected, it is easier to protect the second house behind.
    • If you feel like you can be attacked by the gold side, be sure to secure another gold. When the money stops, the soldiers do not come out. Skillful Rush also knows the position of the second gold, so it is quite a bet and tough, but in the case of the third one.
  • When the 2TC is finished, be sure to look at the opponent's soldiers and fight back with counter units.
    • However, if the opponent is an archery horse, the spear will be eaten by the bow immediately, so in this case the soldier is good.
    • Only in England, people in the city are equipped with bows, so they can be used to exterminate spearmen who charge at them in a position where they cannot be struck by the opponent's bow (although you don't see many spears against the English).
  • Narrow down the allocation of resources to two types: one for training centers and the other for the soldiers you are trying to build. If you collect evenly in vain, you will not be able to return the rush.
  • Put troops in the center or outpost and shoot a lot of arrows.
  • The center and outpost are auto aimed at the battering ram, so they are manipulated in detail to give priority to enemy archers and then spearmen.
    • At this time, if the villagers are produced, they will come out in the direction they are attacking, so at the moment of exit, right-click on the resource.
  • Your own soldiers do not aim at the battering ram, but aim at the opponent's soldiers with rabbits and aim at the horns and annihilate them. If they are defeated, they will destroy the battered mallet with soldiers and townspeople.
  • If your opponent has archers, you can send two mounted troops around the center of the map to prevent them from being added by destroying each of the opposing archers who come one by one. It is also good to vandalize back.
    To operate a spear or knight to escape so as not to die when it comes.
  • Obviously, if the opponent has the upper hand and draws the army, they are aiming for evolution, so we also need to aim for evolution.

It's a tough time to get a rush, but let's do our best.

Era I

At the opening, the house → sheep, gold mines 1→3 and then
When you become seven meatmen, you build a lumberjack and become a lumberjack.
The House of Councillors was built with three people in the money.

Era II

Wait and see at Longbow 6.
Five stones.
If you don't return it with the army, be sure to go around to the back and vandalize the place where you are going to vandalize.
Don't let there be towers on the table and you can't attack each other.
If we don't have a strong offensive back, we have another 2TC chance.

Build 2TC.
When you finish building, you will find a field and a mill.

If the other party is withdrawn, the mill and the field are about 20.