AoE4 Even beginners can easily defeat the strongest AI (with video)

Even for AoE4 beginners, the strongest barrier of AI is waiting for the achievement opening

Thank you for your good work.

Have you guys opened up AoE4's track record?
As you progress through the master, you will receive icons and flags displayed on the loading screen, and a statue standing in the middle of the town center in the game, so I think that some people are actively doing it.

Although it is a master, the 15th and final test of each country is all
conditional on "winning the strongest AI".

I think that experienced people win easily, but in order for beginners to win, we made an explanation video.

I have written a lot in the collection of tricks that beginners should remember, but among them, what I should be concerned about this time is

  • Number scouts
  • Don't Stop Creating Villagers
  • Number multiple farms together
  • At the same time as marching, we will also change the gathering point of the training center

It is.

Well, I summarized it in less than 15 minutes, so please watch it in about 7 minutes at double speed.

We will make it outside of Rome if there is a demand, but basically if we do the same, we should be able to win.

Even beginners can do it! How to defeat the strongest AI video

Defeating the strongest AI in Rome

Bonus: How many Roman clergy should we send out?

I also examined how many Roman clergy should be sent out for each of the townspeople.
See near the end of the video to see how many people are good.

Rome is poor in domestic bonuses, so I think the clergy are actually the key.
In the second evolution, I think it will generally proceed to the evolution of the ironworks, but since the second half of the field becomes extensive and the townspeople are scattered, the clergy also seem to be inefficient. If it's a game that goes on for a long time to the fields, I don't think the Aachen Chapel is bad.